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5 Ways to add the Danish art of Hygge

What is this Danish art of Hygge that everyone is talking about, I hear you ask. As someone who doesn’t have any Danish friends, I had…

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DIY ideas with rope and wood crafts blog uk

6 DIY Home Ideas with Rope or Wood

I love summer for DIY projects with natural materials. From mini wooden shelves to rope lights there’s plenty to make using rope or wood. Nautical ropes…

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Travel: A Weekend in Amsterdam

We decided to go to Amsterdam for an extended weekend. It was early in September that we took our city break so the weather…


Life After Cheerleading

Fat; not fat. I personally don’t think it’s about ‘being fat’, ‘having flab’ or ‘hating food’. I believe it’s about having a balance in…

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donuts recipe moody food photography

Caramel & Chocolate Doughnuts Recipe

Eating donuts for breakfast isn’t normal… but they taste too good not to! That’s exactly what I did when I made these. I used…

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