How to Double your Money for Fashion Accessories

Just so you know, I’ve not been paid for this post. I simply thought it was an awesome deal where it’s super simple to double your money.

We all RT and share content these days anyway right? So here’s how you can buy a £15 Debenhams voucher and make it into a £30 voucher with their Share to Wear campaign. For a limited time only you can buy a £15 voucher and then it becomes £20 straight away… still with me? Well once you’ve done that you can then share the offer with your friends. Once you’ve shared and your friends sign up to it too soon your voucher becomes £30 (which you can use both in store AND online) when you’ve only paid half that amount for it! WIN.

As the focus is on autumn fashion accessories trends I thought I’ll take some lovely photos of my Debenhams jewellery that I bought for my graduation from Essex University 🙂

heart necklace and earrings sparkly

jon richard heart necklace and earrings accessories from debenhams

What do you think of the heart necklace and earrings?

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