I’ve Got My Blue Shoes…

blue new look shoes and accessorise bag

I’ve been on a bit of a shopping spree and I bought these lovely high heeled shoes and a lovely matching bag!

So, as I bought a new camera I thought I’ll make use of it and take lots of pics and in an abstract way because, as you may have noticed, I used a dead tree and rotting leaves as a backdrop haha – I’d love to know what you think anyway!

blue shoes and accessorise bag

blue high heels new look

blue shoes zoom

blue bag and shoes

accessorise bag and new look shoes

New Look Shoes | Accessorize Bag 

These beautiful bold blue shoes are made with a velvet material and metallic accents. They’ve got a lovely heel that make me look super tall! They’re also relatively comfortable as they’re on a platform, just need to get your balance right 😉

Whereas the bag is made of three different colours, with the bold blue featuring heavily as a bottom base and outline on the top. A lovely design and a brilliant size for a kindle – fits very snugly, so it’s just right for book lovers ;). Don’t worry it fits all other essentials too.

So… the shoes or the bag? or both?

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