Laura Oakes Launches New Interior Collection

Debenhams launched a new interior designer collection that focuses on layering and digital decoupage – the Laura Oakes home collection.

I attended the press event and even had the honour of meeting designer, Laura Oakes, herself 🙂

Laura Oakes designer interior tapestry material decoupage

Her unique style is vibrant, energetic and fun! A video showcased how she puts things that she loves most together to make a decoupage (pattern using cut outs) on her cushions, home decorations and furniture.

video of decoupage artistic  interior design collection

colourful patterns tiger decoupage things she loves most

patterns layering colourful interior design collection by laura oakes

I love that chair! I was told that Laura Oakes made that chair specially for the event and that the material is Laura’s own – what fantastic fabric.

With animals and butterflies seen everywhere, it definitely shows off wildlife magnificently. I’d recommend using the pieces as a statement in the room as they’re sure to make a powerful and memorable impression.

What do you think of the collection?

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