Mysterious Modern Artwork on a Feature Wall

Are you someone who is fascinated by modern artwork?

Well, I need your help! I need your interpretation of this – because I have no idea what is actually drawn in the paintings… I guess I can think of something but I don’t know whether I’m just being dirty minded!

bedroom interior design ideas

After staring at these pictures for a while and taking in their beautiful colours and mixed hues I began to wonder about what inspired them. They definitely give out a vibrant energy and provide a warming welcome. No wonder they have been used in one of the bedrooms of the villa that I stayed at in Spain.

lbloggers interior styling with pictures wall art

This set of five very unique pieces definitely yearns for attention and I’m not sure how I feel about them either. I think it’s their mystery that makes me want to stare and puzzle them out. They add that modern touch to an initially empty room too – perfect for a feature wall in a plain bedroom.

modern painting canvas decor feature

So, what do you think… strange but fascinating, right?


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