Private Alpes Inox Kitchen evening in The Conran Shop

I attended an evening in The Conran Shop that showcased a sleek freestanding kitchen from Alpes Inox Kitchens.

With its single triple-crown gas burner, electric deep fryer and large drawers, it’s a kitchen worthy of worship. I agree with the spokesman who said that the best characteristic of this kitchen is that you can make it your own! You’re able to add lots of features to it, including hidden plug sockets that come out from within the kitchen unit itself when in use. Basically, you’re free to change, choose and design as you please, making it a custom kitchen that’s perfect for you.

As it’s freestanding it means that you can easily move the kitchen with you if you move home or move it to a different room, be it you’re renovating or changing the kitchen layout. It has been created to suit your space perfectly.

Oh, and it’s built to a quarter of a century, at least, too!

kitchen conran shop

The Conran Shop

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