Decorating the Garden with Flower Vases #StylingSpringAtMine

April has arrived! Albeit slowly, the month means better weather and so I took this opportunity to open my patio doors and to make my garden a bit more homey.

Thanks to my beautiful Garden Flower Vases from Rose & Grey* I was able to get a handful of flowers and make my home look fresh, energised and welcoming – perfect for Spring.

flower arrangement with my garden jars tulips and greenery

garden flower vase decorating garden spring ideas

garden flower decorating ideas for spring vases

how to use empty jars ideas flowers garden pot

tulip flower arrangement in garden home

I’m very lucky that the previous owners left the house, inside and out, in a great state. They clearly loved the house and looked after it well. So when I came to decorate the garden this April I found loads of pretty white stones in one section which worked perfectly well with the M&S white and pink tulips and gypsophila in my cute jar shaped vases.

The garden flower vases from Rose & Grey are so much easier to use that normal upcycled jars by the way as they have a top metal section that helps keep the flowers in the place that you’ve put it. I was able to arrange the flowers in no time at all 🙂

The Easter Bank Holiday weekend was blissful, especially the day after Easter Sunday, it was uncharacteristically (for England) lovely and sunny and above are some of my photos which I hope you like!

Have you done anything to add the spirit of Spring to your home?

This is my entry for #StylingTheSeasons #StylingSpringatMine competition I found at Apartment Apothecary for {at}mine. 

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