5 Reasons to Go Abroad

When I was contacted by LoveHolidays.com who asked me why I would go abroad, I didn’t hesitate for a moment to put together the list below…

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  1. De-stress – first and foremost when I’m thinking about current holidays this reason would be top of my list. I work monday to friday for 35 hours a week and find that I have little time for myself and due to my enthusiastic nature I get cooped up in work more than I probably should. I think holidays are essential, simply to help me relax once in a while.
  2. Explore – I have a few friends who like an adventure and to discover new cultures, food and experience places that aren’t their own. From travelling to sightseeing, this can be both fun and insightful.
  3. Think about the bigger picture – a change of scenery really helps me gain a new perspective in life. I love to set lifetime goals or a five year plan when I’m staring into the waves lapping the Spanish beach on a super sunny day.
  4. Family and friends – Although it’s number four on my list, it’s certainly not to be forgotten. Working all year round means that I get little time to see both friends and family so going abroad is a perfect opportunity to get to know them better or in my case see my niece growing up.
  5. A better life – thinking about my parents who moved from Russia to Israel and from Israel to London, UK I can safely say that they were in search of not only something new but something better. As far as I understood they went through some difficult times in both countries, from getting away from the USSR to encounters with the army and possibly even a civil war (apologies my history knowledge is not so good) nonetheless going abroad for my parents meant a new beginning. I am very thankful that they’ve brought me to the UK 🙂

What’s your main reason for going abroad?

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