5 Ways to Freshen Up the Home Office this Spring

I started decorating my home office two years ago…

Only last month did I manage to get my first desk and chair though but before I reveal the full home office makeover, as I’ve still a few bits to do, I thought I’ll give you, my lovely readers, a sneak peek. As I love bringing the space to life because I believe it helps creativity, productivity and most importantly it makes me want to be in that room to work, I thought I’d share with you the checklist that I use to freshen up my home office during spring. When it comes to these lovely warmer months and spring is in full swing, below are the five easy to copy ways that I update my decor.

Declutter to Start Afresh

Start by taking everything in and around your working desk and putting it into a box. Then decide whether you’d like to keep it, throw it away or give it to charity. Don’t only try out pens to make sure that they’re working but also think about the books that you own or papers and ask yourself whether you really need/want them.

I find that a clear space means a clear mind… so basically I work better in a tidy environment!

Inexpensive New Accessories

Although they’re not essential, they make my space so much more pleasant to work in. A lovely chair cushion is both practical and cute, and a table lamp can also help you out in the dark whilst adding a bit of personality to your home office. I also love drinking tea so I HAVE to have my fix close by, that means having a teapot at the desk is ideal for me 😉

I also very much love using a pegboard. I find it’s fun to decorate and it can help when I need to put a postit up as a reminder to do something another day. I enjoy changing the board often, which means I can explore my thoughts and the room seems to do so too with me.

Smell as well as Style

Fresh flowers are the perfect way to add a scent into the room but I don’t often have the time to buy those so instead I have a collection of beautifully smelling candles that I can light whenever I like.

A good smelling room will mean that you’re more likely to stay in that space and work productively because you like the environment. I know I do. So no matter whether you add a natural smell or using candles, make sure to think about the smells that you like most and maybe use different ones depending on what you’re trying to achieve. For example, use a citrus scent in the morning for an energetic start and floral smells later for a creative and calm period.

Get Organised

Get a new diary and start getting organised. I was lucky to be gifted an awesome bullet journal for my birthday which I’m currently loving. It’s basically a planner that has pages with small dots so that you can draw and create graphs in an easy way. I decided to theme mine (fairytales obviously!) and below you’ll see my latest entry.

My May entry will be coming out next week so keep a look out but subscribing to my channel.

Anyway a new start means so many possibilities and a diary is a great way to keep to the goals that you set yourself for both personal and working life. That’s why I think it’s a must when it comes to your working environment as I know that it always helps my productivity.

Reflect the Light

The days are getting longer but they’re still not quite there yet. I like to encourage as much natural light as possible to make most of the sunshine that’s trying to break through the clouds and so I think using a mirror is a great way to do that. A lampshade of course will guide your way through the darkness too, so definitely worth investing in for any season.

What do you do to freshen up your home office?



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