8 Things You Must Take on Holiday

I always make a list of things I need to take with me on holiday.

Before I went to Cyprus this was no different and below I share with you my key things that I always have to have.

In case you haven’t read my Things to do in Cyprus post, I was off with the husband’s family to Argaka where we had an enormous villa and pool to ourselves. A couple of weeks meant we were able to do lots of tourist visits and explorations as well as do nothing on a number of occasions too 😉

Keeping in mind that I knew that the holiday is going to be super hot and extremely relaxing (what a tough life, right? haha) I knew I must take a bikini, summery dress and lots of fun and bright accessories. So, lets get to it and have a look at my must-take items for a summer holiday below.

Bikini* – Animal | White Dress – ASOS | Floral Wedges – New Look | Straw Hat – Debenhams

  1. Bikini – as we had a pool at our villa, I had five different swimming costumes so that I can alternate. If you’re not keen on bikinis though, there are so many types to choose from these days that you can get shorts and a top or plenty of pretty one-piece swimsuits.
  2. Dresses – I can never have enough dresses, from casual, flowy ones to smart, restaurant-worthy, dresses. I absolutely loved my white dress I bought from ASOS because I managed to dress it down with sandals and then a week later I wore it with heels for our cocktails night!
  3. Shoes – Sandal, heels and especially dresses wedges are my go-to shoes for summer holidays. Sandals are easy to slip on and wear in extreme heat whilst wedges perfectly finish off an outgoing outfit when you still want to stay comfortable.
  4. Fedora straw hat – this one has probably made it onto my summer holiday list for the first time. We usually go on a summer holiday to Spain so when we changed it to Cyprus this year, I knew it was going to be so much hotter than we’re used to. I didn’t want to burn and wanted to stay sensible when it came to sun protection… so a beautiful, trendy hat was the perfect option.
  5. Head bands – keeping my hair out of my face is my number one priority when it’s hot hot hot. I have a fringe so I can get really irritated if it’s not put back! A few colourful head bands mean that I’ll be able to put my fringe back without hair sticking out in all directions 😉
  6. Bum bag – My sister in law had the perfect idea of bringing one on holiday with us. She had a good point, saying that it meant no tan lines on her shoulders – how clever! Although I didn’t manage it this time around, next time I’ll definitely be bringing one with me.
  7. Off the shoulder tops – A fashion trend that’s probably timeless is the ‘cold shoulder’ look. I have plenty of tops that sit off the shoulder and I love that they mean no tan lines AND they look super on-trend and cute.

I had an absolutely brilliant time and didn’t regret bringing a single item from my list above. Don’t worry I had a couple of other, less important things, that I didn’t end up wearing but they were so light that it didn’t matter when it came to carrying them back home!

I hope you have a brilliant and fun time and enjoy your summer holiday as much as I did.

What are your must have items on holiday?

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