A Fireplace Fit For Families

A cosy lounge creates a welcoming home and brings the family together and I believe that a traditional fireplace can do exactly that. There is something about fireplaces that make them stand out, no wonder they make a fabulous focal point in any living room.

A Rustic Fireplace

fireplace in spanish villa brick brown fawn hues interior

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I absolutely love this fireplace in the Spanish villa I stayed at this summer. It’s one of the first things I’ve spotted when I entered. It adds a rusticity to the simply decorated home as its rough brick-work easily adds that country home feel to it. The brown wooden top completes the fawn coloured fireplace and allows room for a beautiful centrepiece.

The dark tiles within the fireplace make it a practical addition to the lounge too, as it can actually be used with real logs feeding the fire! That way, the decor surrounding the pit won’t be ruined and is sure to reflect the beautiful logs once they are aflame.

A fireplace may be exactly what every family needs in their lounge as cosiness, warmth from the fire and family time seems to go hand in hand I always thought. Also, they’ve become very popular, with even modern electric fireplaces making an appearance.

Do you prefer electrical or naturally lit fireplaces?

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