A Nordic Home & Scandinavian Design

I’m constantly drawn to Nordic interiors. It makes the perfect winter look at home during the cold months and creates a sleek style that’s super sophisticated.

Timeless luxury

This lovely living room combines grey flooring with grey furniture and brings nature inside by adding green accents into the interior design. The design sees a lot of grey shades, even the door frames are silver!

New Famous Two Step Heather Grey

Similarly, this lounge shows off more luxurious grey, yet adds an off-white chair with wooden legs that contrast beautifully with the base colour of the room – a Nordic interior trait for sure. It’s finished off with vintage candle holders and chic heart shaped decorations for a fab finish.


Ever heard of the Scandinavian scene? Well with white furniture and walls coupled with grey flooring and accessories makes it exactly that! I personally love this dining room with its icy hues and Nordic colour scheme.


This silver rug just makes me want to stroke its tactile texture. It completes this beautiful room with antique furniture and door frame. The brown shades mould perfectly with the grey to create a rustic, timeless finish that’s to die for.


Thinking of designing your own Scandinavian interior but want it to also look modern? Add pattern with a striped carpet and customise it. It’s sure to create a modern cosy look that will also impress your family and friends.


All images provided by Carpetright

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