Any Excuse to Wear My Sunglasses

blogger style white sunglasses

Yes, I’m one of those people who must take out my sunglasses whenever there is a BIT of sun peeking out from behind the clouds. It’s simply because we don’t get sun often here in the UK.

I feel I don’t have enough time to wear my glasses. So, I even confess to wearing my glasses on TOP of my driving glasses… please don’t tell anyone, haha!

white sunglasses


As you’ve probably noticed already these have a crack in them! 🙁 So, I’m in search of a new pair…

These Oliver Peoples sunglasses caught my eye!

cat eye sunglasses oliver peoples

Tortoise Jacey Cat-Eye Sunglasses – Avenue 32

I adore the design as it adds shape to the face and it has a lovely pattern that’s totally trending this season.

back sunglasses pinterest


I’d love really dark sunglasses too, not sure it’ll suit my light hair but it’ll be great to wear to work as I wear a lot of navy. I will be sure to try it out as I love the look above. It’s quite rocky/quirky which is sure to work with white hair… right?

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