Autumn Inspiration: Home Decor

autumn home decor inspiration

Autumn is the most beautiful season.

It’s full of colourful inspiration; offering dusky reds, murky yellows and aubergine purples. The leafy ground serves as a canvas to adapt in your home whilst the rain from up high encourages us to stand closer and snuggle up for warmth and comfort.

So, I’ve put thought to paper and created a collage of all the things I love about Autumn for the home and used the John Lewis home catalogue and other crafty bits to bring your these photos.

autumn home inspiration it's so good to be home poster frames with collage of interior inspiration blog cosy covers throws tactile textures

Large Frame* & Small Frames* | Rose & Grey

The days are darker and shorter so it’s time to relax by the fire. Light a romantic candle and cuddle up on the sofa because I see Autumn as the chance to stay at home with the family. I’ve added ‘It’s so good to be home’ because that’s what I think home should always be, a place that’s your sanctuary and a place of comfort and relaxation. As I walk through the door I want to sigh a happy sigh that my instructor teaches me in yoga!

What is your favourite thing about Autumn?  

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