Baby Girl Nursery Ideas That Aren’t Pink #RoyalBaby

baby girl nursery ideas that arent pink by best interior blog uk alina

To celebrate Kate & Will’s newborn royal baby girl, I’ve put together a few nursery ideas that are chic, stylish and are perfect for your own little princess.

I never was a big fan of pink growing up because I was somewhat of a tomboy so my baby girl nursery interior ideas have NO PINK in but they’re just as cute, I promise 😉

Neutral Nursery Ideas

neutral nursery idea interiors blog chic rustic white beige

Cuckooland | Pinterest | Linen Me

I love rustic interiors and even more so when it comes to baby nurseries. There’s something that’s super chic about a subtle hint of beige here and there. I don’t know what it is but it just seems to add that purity to the room.

Many parents choose to have the cot in their master bedroom so that it’s easier when the baby wakes up a few times in the night. It’s easy to merge your own luxury bedding with soft baby linens that are most often white.

White furniture and wooden cots look perfect in this rustic nursery.

Duck Egg Blue & Yellow Nursery Ideas

Kerianne Brown Photography nursery duck egg blue and yellow interior

Photography by Kerianne Brown

The stunning photography shows off the beautiful wall colour that works perfectly with pops of yellow. The nursery is full of energy but is relaxing too simultaneously.

My sister, who loves the colour yellow, told me that babies can register bright colours first so this pop of colour isn’t only decorative but useful for the child’s development too!

I adore how lots of patterns are used in this nursery and how elephants are a bit of theme throughout the room too. I’m simply in love with it all 🙂

Pale Purple & Lilac Nursery Ideas

purple lilac nursery ideas for baby girl interior blog

Pinterest | Notonthehighstreet | Pinterest

Using the space in a new way when it comes to waiting for the arrival of your new baby girl. From creating a baby changing area on top of your chest of drawers to adding wall stickers to add a decorative touch. It’s also a good excuse to buy (or get others to gift you with) needless but super cute baby items, like the ‘Baby is Sleeping’ door hanger.

I think playing with textures works really well in nurseries too, like shaggy rugs and cosy covers that add that warmth needed in a baby room.

What are your favourite colour schemes for a baby girl nursery?

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