Bedroom Redecoration: Stage 2

You might have noticed I’ve been redecorating my bedroom.

bedroom redecorating makeover before and after

I’ve shown you my before pictures when EVERYTHING was purple and then I showed you photos after I painted the bedroom with a few layers of white. Now, I’m about to show you my stage two of my bedroom redecoration progress.

New Skirting Board

sawing the skirting board from skirting board shop old skirting board redecoration progressshelf organisation ideas on light wooden storage unit bedroom redecoration with shelf and white walls new skirting board bookshellf with DIY jewellery bowl

Skirting board* – The Skirting Board Shop | Storage Unit via lovethesales at Very Sale  | Books – Everyman’s Library

Firstly, it was hard work getting the old skirting board off. It’s clearly been there for years and has been painted over numerous times. So much so that the paint was peeling off the walls with the skirting board!

Once this hard labour was out of the way my husband and his dad got to work on sawing the skirting board to size, luckily we already had a work bench and saw that was uncovered from the in-laws shed. This proved a little more difficult than expected as they had to be precise with the measurements AND they found that the saw was cutting the edges wonky. They decided that if they turned the wooden panels the other way and sawed from the back then it would work perfectly well, it just took a while to figure it out. Anyway, once all in place it looks absolutely fantastic and goes so nicely with the new storage unit. Both are a nice light wooden colour, I just wish my bed frame would match but we can’t afford a new one at the moment.

I think it’s all coming together nicely, especially as it’s only stage 2, right? Little by little 🙂

Anyway, did you notice my DIY jewellery bowl on the bottom shelf? I made it myself. Here’s the video on how you can make one too. It’s so easy, it’s a shame not to!

You Voted, I Styled

I started styling my bedroom with the theme of purple, blue and pink.

26 of you voted for your favourite colour scheme for my bedroom in my poll and purple, blue and pink was the winner! I think it’s a lovely choice, and perfect for Spring – especially now that the weather is getting better 🙂

bedroom redecoration home blogger uk essex london

shelf styling ideas for spring with blue and pink frames

Ampersand sign* – Iconic Lights | Frames & bunting* – Command and Escapade PR | Fake plant & candle – Debenhams

I’ve added new frames with quotes, colourful bunting, a quirky light and other home accessories. I feel that it’s much brighter and a much happier space than when it was dark purple. I feel it’s slowly becoming more me too if that makes sense.

My next plans are to create a wall bedroom design as I’ve mentioned in my previous post – I am steering towards painting colourful triangles at the moment like on my Pinterest board. I also want a new bed frame to go with the rest of the bedroom, maybe a new mattress too. I also want more ‘unique’ accessories to add to the shelf and start styling the walls with more pictures. Oh, I am also in desperate need for new carpet! If you have any other ideas let me know 🙂

What do you think of my stage 2 of the bedroom redecoration?

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