Before and After Pictures of Home Office in the Garden

My fiance’s dad redecorated his office during the summer months and I’m going to share his top tips.

He has had this office in the renovated shed for many years now and decided it was time for an update so here are some before and after photos below.

Before Photos:

Toshiba Exif JPEG

Toshiba Exif JPEG

After Photos:

after photos feature wall and rustic furniture

ceiling spot lights for home office redecoration blog patterned wallpaper stripy carpet red colour scheme

(Thanks for the photographs Richard)

Top 5 tips for updating an office

  1. Colour Scheme: Choose your colour scheme before changing anything. Decide on your base colour and then the additional shades that will compliment the space. I usually choose the lighter colour first and then think about the accent colours that will work nicely together. In this case an off-white was used and then partnered with a bold, sophisticated red.
  2. Upcycle your Furniture: If you’re working on a tight budget, firstly read my post on 10 tips for decorating on a budget and then find use for your old furniture by painting it and giving it a new lease of life! If you have another peek at the pictures above you’ll notice that the computer now sits on a quality mahogany table… little did you know that it was previously used as a dining table 😉
  3. Feature Wall: To add interest to the room and so that you don’t lose your mind when working away choose a quirky patterned wallpaper for one of your walls. It’s super contemporary and adds that something special to your new space as well.
  4. Lighting: This is very important. As well as having plenty of natural light setting up a good lamp (table or ceiling) will mean that you can actually see the work at hand, plus show off your newly decorated office! Have a look at my current home office redecoration project.
  5. Storage: If these tips were put in a priority order I’d put storage at the top of the list. Think about the clever space saving solutions that you can add to your office, from drawers and cupboards to shelving and file organisers. Ensure that you’re making the best use of every nook and cranny in an office space as it can get messy very quickly trust me.

I hope these tips were useful and enjoy the before and after photos. Let me know what you think 🙂

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  • October 19, 2015

    Candy Pop

    Such a transformation! I love the red blinds. 🙂

    • October 20, 2015


      I thought it was a great change too x