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Joe Blogs invited me to a cool event where Curry’s promised to teach us all about blenders and juicers. As I’ve recently been experimenting with my own hand blender, making breakfast shakes, I was keen to attend and learn as much as I can about the nutritional value in smoothies as possible.


Blending VS Juicing by Raw & Juicy

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Lucy (and David’s phone…)

juicing currys event how to make a berry smoothie

Berry smoothies!

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Me enjoying a smoothie!

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Yummy veg!

Firstly, we had a chat about the differences, as well as the pros and cons, between juicing and blending by a company called Raw & Juicy who specialise in creating great juice to help you detox. Here are the top five things that I learn about each one:


  1. No pulp – great for those who only drink smooth, pulp-less drinks (you’re missing out!)
  2. Provides a boost of energy due to your body able to consume and absorb the nutrients quickly
  3. Requires preparation; so cutting of the fruit and peeling of the vegetables
  4. Great for detoxing and cleansing your body, allowing your digestion system a break as fibre is removed
  5. Replacing meals with juices can help you control your calorie intake so are often used in diets. However, although they have many nutrients that are absorbed quicker, their lack of fibre (and hence calories) may cause you to go hungry quicker, causing mood swings and other complications so it’s always recommended that you see a specialist before doing anything dramatic with your diet.


  1. I love pulp (no, not pulp fiction… although I like that too) so blending is guaranteed to give you this
  2. Keeps you feeling full for longer as they’re full of fibre and evenly release nutrients into your blood stream
  3. You can chuck in whole vegetables and fruits (but be reasonable hehe) so it’s perfect if you’re a busy bee like me
  4. Allows for the full consumption of goodness in fruit, vegetables, their skin and all
  5. Easy to have like a dessert and consume a heck of a load of sugar in one go so watch out!

How to Use a Blender & a Juicer

I sat with the fab bloggers Lucy and David with a knife in one hand and a vegetable in the other. We were about to discover the amazing world of Curry’s blenders and juicers and how we can use both to create amazing vegetable or fruity nutritional smoothies.

As I mentioned briefly above, with a blender we literally chucked in the items whole without peeling or cutting (to an extent, as we did quarter larger items) and even managed to add ice to the mix – zapped it and a whole lot of goodness appeared 😉

The juicer however required a bit more work, but once the vegetables or fruit were prepared we were able to put them into the tube and prod them into the juicing device to create a fab tasting juice. I mentioned above that a juicer can’t handle whole fruit or vegetables, the Curry’s juicer could however, I guess we were just over cautious!

We ended up creating two amazing nutritional ‘cocktails’, both of which tasted completely new to me but the more I drank it the more I liked it! Thanks for the invite Curry’s & Joe Blogs 🙂

What is your favourite choice of smoothie and do you prefer juicing or blending?

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


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    Melanie Kay Zelnick

    This looks so good! What a great event!
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    Glad you had a good time, so gutted I couldn’t make it!