Blinds Trends for 2015

Hillarys Blinds recently asked me to predict the trends for blinds this year so here’s what I said:


You can also read other interiors bloggers’ comments about the subject on their inspirational blog.

I’ve been exploring this even more on Pinterest and pulled together a few images that showcase my three predictions perfectly.

1. Ombre Blinds

monochrome ombre blind interior trend

The dark to light gradient of one colour has shown itself in clothes and even hair – so why not blinds? It’s quirky, it’s modern and playful. I think an ombre blind addition to any window will just instantly add that something interesting to the whole room.

2. Artistic Blinds

colourful statement blinds childrens room

Playing with colour and pattern can show off creativity and gives a stylist a lot of opportunity to create a fun space. I love these in children’s room especially because I believe they bring energy into the room. It’s good if you’d like to bring all the colours together too and therefore unify your scheme.

3. Statement Blinds

childrens room patterned blinds

Following on from the patterns and colours, a bold blind is sure to be the centrepiece of any room. Be it a colourful creation or a patterned beauty, a blind can complete your new trendy interior.

So, what blinds will you go for?

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    SO many fun blind ideas!
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