Colour Pop and Detail at LivingEtc House Tours 2016

For the second year running I had the pleasure of snooping around other peoples homes…

Before you take me for a psycho stalker, know that LivingEtc magazine organise these West London House Tours for other people to come and have a look around. These homes are usually owned by the rich and/or famous and home interior designers who want to not only show off their skills but inspire others with their styling. I’d like to thank who sponsored the LivingEtc House Tours and invited me to join them at the event.

You might have spotted my posts about it last year as well but if not, do take a look at them here.

The Blue and Yellow Interior Colour Scheme

It’s interesting how each house is so different to the next and yet I can still see similarities.

I’ve spotted a couple of houses that styled their rooms using the same tones, yet the completed look was a completely different interior style. They are both bedrooms but the first house (photos 1 and 2) definitely had a modern edge to their styling. The striking floral pattern on the cushion covers brings vibrancy to an otherwise understated grey tones of the suede headboard and subtle blue wall art. Those also bring together the bold coloured foot stalls in bright blue and yellow. Now when it came to the other house (photo 3), the decorating was more eclectic. Even though the same colours were used and a bold print can be seen on the cushion, similarly to the other, it had more of a vintage twist to it, especially coupled with the wooden armchair and old fashioned radiator.

I very much enjoyed the hues of blue and yellow used in the interior styling and I hope you do too.


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

It’s all in the Detail

Personality was oozing from every corner of every house that we visited. Be it a statement piece of art or a small trinket, I felt that each one had a strong story behind it. I’m definitely a believer in detail and think that it matters a lot, not only to add your stamp on it but to bring the space to life.

In the next few photos I wanted to show you the variety of pieces that can form the perfect atmosphere. Firstly, photo 4 shows real skill when it comes to putting together many small pieces together. The interior stylist must have gathered the vase, sorbet coloured candles and that fantastic mirror in the background (well done to whoever spotted that!) and brought them together to make a single spectacle. I admire that and aspire to it.

Then, I was completely fascinated by the worn door stopper (photo 5). I bet that it’s not just a lady stroking a cat on her lap but that there’s a whole journey to how she came to be sitting by that door. It finishes off that vintage, eclectic feel that the whole house radiates.

The last photo, but of course not least, I enjoyed the playful manner with which the house owner was able to pluck a modern metal bowl in a funky colour and place it within a rustic looking lounge. And you know what…I think it works well. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of country home interior with a modern spin now is there?


Photo 4


Photo 5


Photo 6

It’s my second time taking the LivingEtc House Tours and I absolutely love it every time. Last year it inspired me so much that I adapted the hand-embroidered wallpaper I saw and adapted the idea by gluing fabric onto my wallpaper, which you can see in my post on Wallpaper Week. Who knows what I’ll adapt this year… any suggestions? 😉

Have you been on the LivingEtc House Tours yet? 

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