DIY Gift Idea for a Mum to Be – Baby Essentials Hamper

Here’s How to Make a Baby Essentials Hamper…

Step 1

Get a box. Any box will do but one that’s hollow yet wide will probably work best.

Cover the outside of the box with a nice pattern, you can use colourful card, patterned fabric or why not just paint it? I used wrapping paper to match the theme of my sister’s baby shower.

Then put tissue paper and foam, or some sort of packaging material, to pad out the inside as well as make it look presentable.

lady bird box with tissue paper gift idea diy

Step 2

Buy and gather your baby essential products. I’ve chosen multiple Baby Johnson’s things such as baby powder, cleansing wipes and baby oil. Then I also added Sudo Cream, Savlon, teething gel, cotton buds, soap and even plasters!

baby essential gift ideas for mum to be

Step 3

Put your baby essential items into your newly decorated box.

hamper diy baby essentials gift box idea for mum to be

Step 4

I’ve added some finishing touches such as french lace on top of the items but you can use ribbon or cellophane.

mum to be gift ideas with essentials for newborn

Step 5

Why not match your baby essentials hamper to the theme of the baby shower? For example, I’ve created a ladybird ‘mum to be’ hanging sash for a fun finish.

diy baby essentials gift box hamper idea

It’s useful, sweet and impressive.

Will you be having a go at making your own hamper?

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