DIY: How to Make Xmas Decorations out of Clay

Christmas can be so much fun, and not just because it’s the only time of the year that I let myself eat and drink as much as I like… but because it’s the perfect time to do some crafts.

It’s the only holiday where I finally have some time on my hands for some creative DIY so I get straight to it and make fun xmas decorations!

What you Will Need:

Air drying clay which is really easy to work with. It starts drying straight away once it has contact with air. This means you don’t need to put the clay in the oven for it to stiffen.

Paint – any colours of your choice. Don’t forget your paint brushes too of course.

Toothpick or a very small stick to make the holes with which you can hang your decorations.

Ribbons or string to hang your finished masterpieces on the Christmas tree 😉

Stencils or a branch, leaves or even lace – anything that might give you a lovely pattern on the clay once pressed onto it. I used a branch and a pen lid below.

A small pot of water is handy for both the painting and when shaping the clay.

Ordinary cookie cutters or shaped dishes are useful when creating stars, hearts, a snowman, candy canes or other xmas shapes out of clay. You’ll also need a rolling pin to roll out the clay and then cut out shapes from it. Make sure to wash these well after use though.

Before You Begin, Read these Top Tips for Using Air Drying Clay:

  • Use very small amounts of water to smooth out creases and rough edges
  • Hatch an area of the clay when putting two bits together to make it easier for them to stick to each other
  • The thinner your clay, the quicker it will dry
  • If you have nails, be careful not to dig them into the clay when finishing your decorations off (I’ve accidently jabbed it numerous times and ruined the pattern – doh!)
  • Roll out your clay on a flat plastic bag to make it easier to pick the moulded piece up without ruining the shape

How to Make a Heart Christmas Decoration

crafts blog xmas decoration for christmas tree

Roll out a piece of clay. Once you’re happy that it is all the same thickness, cut out a heart using a heart-shaped cookie cutter. I like working on a plastic bag which I find makes it easier to take away all of the extra clay and then the heart shape itself without ruining it.

Before it dries, take a branch (or stencil) and press it onto your heart until you’re happy that it will leave an indentation. Take the branch away and it should have created an embossed effect. Don’t forget to leave space for a couple of words in the corner so don’t cover the whole of the heart’s front. Now, use a toothpick to lightly dot your wording onto the edge. Do this lightly so that your toothpick doesn’t make a hole through the heart. Do pick out extra clay if you need to.

Leave it to dry and then paint it white (or any colour of your choice) and you have yourself a beautiful vintage heart for the Christmas tree 🙂

How to Make Mini-presents for Decorating

clay work to make xmas decorations tree diy paint the clay kids crafts diy xmas tree decorations christmas presents gifts made from clay crafts diy

Mould your clay into cubes and rectangles in the sizes of your choice. If you’d like mini-presents make your edges a maximum of two inches. Try out 1″ x 1″ x 1″ for the cubes and 1″ x 1″ x 2″ for the taller ones.

Let them dry (unless you fancy embossing a pattern on those – see above for how) and then paint them. Add patterns, such as polka dots or stripes, and then the gold string and you have yourself some very cute mini-presents.

I think these will look super cute under a mini Christmas tree or maybe the table next to some candles. What do you think?

How to Make an Owl out of Clay

clay own tutorial craft idea for xmas tree decoration

I found this cute owl Christmas craft tutorial on Pinterest and it’s from Paging Fun Mums blog. It inspired me, so I improvised with the final look.

Firstly, roll out your clay and then cut out a regular circle. Before it dries make a pattern in the centre and bottom of your circle using a large pen lid to create a curved repeated effect. Then fold in the two side of your circle – I found that the back of my clay wasn’t as smooth as the front so I smoothed it out using a tiny bit of water. This makes the feathers of your owl, so now fold in the top of your shape to make the owl’s head and give it eyes using your pen lid and pupils using a toothpick to pick out tiny holes.

I added feathers to my owl by etching out small lines on both sides. A tip if you do this too is to make all lines going the same way.

There are no limits to what can be done with clay, from simple things to very complex figures! Enjoy x

Air Drying Clay and Paints* all kindly provided by Viking and my reviews are always 100% genuine. I had loads of fun making decorations with this easy to use clay and spreadable paints. I recon both are suitable for kids crafts!

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