DIY Map Fabric Basket Tutorial (with Pictures)

boat vintage chic fabric from zazzle

I came across this adorable basket pattern from Lillyella so I adapted it to my needs as I’m in dire need of a special storage spot for my never-ending wool collection!

What you will need

Exterior Fabric: I used the lovely vintage world map Zazzle custom fabric* of which I needed two of 14″ wide and 8″ high pieces

Inner Fabric: plain or subtly patterned material that’s 14″ wide by 7″ high

Optional Thick Fabric: To use in-between the inner and outer fabrics and make the basket shape sturdy cut 13″ by 15″ of thick / stiff material. I’m sure there’s a professional name for this type of fabric somewhere so if anyone knows what it is please do let me know via a comment below I’d appreciate it 🙂

Putting Together: You’ll need the usual threads, needles, sewing machine, scissors and rulers/pencils etc.

DIY Basket for Wool & Sewing Bits

pattern matching machine sewing two materials

Cutting the main fabric template diy

sew the sides of the main fabric first basket tutorial

Sewing the main fabric on sides and folds pictures photo

turn inside out once sewn together

Sewing the Exterior:

1. Sew the two fabric pieces together (half an inch in) on the wrong side and then flatten out the edges.

2. Open it up and on the middle of the wrong side mark out a rectangle that is 4″ wide by 2.5″ high do this on the top and bottom and cut these out.

3. Continue on the wrong side and sew both sides (half an inch in).

4. Fold it in and sew the remaining small sections together as pictured above. Always remember to flatten out the edges as you do so for a neater finish and easier sewing.

5. Turn inside out

Putting the inner and main fabric together for basket sewing tutorial

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wool storage basket diy

diy sotrage basket for cute crafts

Inner Fabric Lining & Finishing Touches:

1. Repeat steps 1 – 4 above for the inner lining. Keep the fabric unturned and put into the main outer shape that you’ve just created.

2. Optional: Mark two rectangles in the top and bottom centre of your stiff material (13″ by 15″) like the above however in the size of 5″ by 2.5″ and cut these out. Simply fold the sections together (at the seams) and slot the sturdy material in-between your main fabric and inner lining for stability – sew the sides of the sturdy material together if you need to.

3. Fold over the top edges all around, I did this twice to have a sturdy and neater finish. I also used a visible stitch on the sewing machine because I thought it’ll add a nice finishing touch to my storage basket.

Really hope this makes sense and if not feel free to ask me questions below 🙂

If you do end up making one please let me know or tweet me using @alinaisaev!

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