DIY Roll-up Blind Tutorial with Bluebellgray Fabric

lifestyle crafts blog tutorial on diy rollup blind with bluebellgrey fabric

I’ve been a big fan of Bluebellgray for a very long time now. Everything they sell is artistic, colourful and beautiful!

Being lucky enough to get my hands on the Petite Mode Bluebellgray fabric* meant that I can show you an easy DIY tutorial for a roll-up blind.

What You Will Need:

how to make a blind diy tutorial with pictures what you need

  • I’m using 1 metre of fabric but this is dependant on your window size. My window is approx 17 x 34inches
  • A batten measuring the width of your inner window
  • Ribbon
  • Tools like a pen/pencil, ruler, measuring tape, scissors, staple gun/hammer and nails etc.
  • Sewing machine, cotton thread and needle as well as pins

How to Make a Roll-Up Blind:


Although most find this step boring (including myself) it’s one of the most important tasks to do to ensure that your finished blind fits perfectly.

Measure your window. My tip to anyone will be to measure twice, just in case, and to keep in mind that a window isn’t always an exact square so the measuring will need to be done at the top and bottom.

Prepare your batten. Saw the batten to the right width so that it slots in nicely to your window if need be and measure the ceiling side and wall/window side of the batten for later use.

Decide how you’re going to fasten your batten to the window. I personally didn’t want to add any screws so I attached it using double sided sticky tape.

Making your Roll-up Blind:

Step One:

Paint your batten white or cover with lining fabric, or both. Use a staple gun to secure the lining fabric into place, keeping it tort on all sides. I didn’t have a staple gun to hand so I’ve used a hammer and nails.

Hammer and nails diy roll up blind step by step instructions

Step Two:

Measure your fabric, make marks using a pen or pencil and then cut out two, one for the front and one for the back. Your fabric needs to be the length of your window plus the measurements of your batten, two of the wall/window side and one of your ceiling size. This will ensure that your blind can be secured onto the batten without taking away any of your desired length. Don’t forget to add an inch on each side for the sewing seam.

The width needs to be what you measured your winner window to be (top of your window frame.) These will be sewn together so do your pattern matching here if necessary (I chose not to.) Then, lay the two fabrics front side together and pin them to each other.

Tip: I like to use a colourful cotton thread to go over the pins so that I can take the pins out and sew with peace of mind, knowing that the fabric is in place where it should be. This colourful cotton thread needs to be done very loosely as it’ll be taken out one you’ve sewn what you needed to using your sewing machine.

image of pins in fabric sewing tutorial

Step Three:

Sew along the drop length of your blind on the wrong side. Now sew the bottom of your blind also on the wrong side. Turn it inside out and flatten it out using a ruler or something blunt. Iron if necessary.

sewing machine picture fabric bluebellgray

Step Four:

Fasten the unfinished/unsewn side of your fabric to the batten, once again either with a staple gun or hammer and nails. Start at the bottom side and fold it through so that your blind hangs nicely in front of the batten.

crafts blog sewing tutorial

Step Five:

Now, get your ribbon ready. There are numerous solutions for roll-up blinds but I chose to use a simple bow technique so that I can change it at any time and I think the bow add an extra bit of decoration!

ribbon on rollup blind rolling solution options

Step Six:

Fasten your batten to the window, readjust your ribbon and ties to the position you like and you’re done!

DIY rollup bling tutorial with images by lifestyle crafts blog

I used my Upstyle Your Windows book to help me make the roll-up blind and hope to make more blinds or curtains soon so keep checking the blog!

Will you be making your own roll-up blind?

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