Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Bet many of you have started decorating for Christmas, just like I! Am I right? If so, then here’s a great all-white, modern Christmas idea that’s sure to open up your space.

White Christmas Lounge Ideas

white Christmas lounge ideas

Furniture & Accessories from Dunelm

I love contemporary new lounge looks with the all-white scene. Starting with white walls and floors, you can really use it as your blank canvas to show off your creativity. You can really add any colour to it, so it’s practically perfect for Christmas as your white lounge will highlight your beautiful green Christmas tree and its decorations.

Simply add rustic wooden furniture, off-white curtains and upholstered settee for both a cosy and modern finish.

White Christmas Decorations

White Christmas with Rustic furniture

Furniture & Accessories from Dunelm

Once you’ve created your snow white living room, it’s a great idea to match your Christmas tree decorations to it too. Create a moodboard with all the colours and styles you’d love to see on your tree, for example I’d choose white, silver and shimmers of gold here and there… I’d definitely look for birds, doves and owls to decorate my tree to go with my all-white Christmas lounge. Plus, don’t forget to stick to the colour scheme when it comes to wrapping your presents. It’s sure to make an impressive statement for both family and friends when they come and visit during this festive time. 🙂

The All White Dining Room Scene

Furniture & Accessories from Dunelm

Furniture & Accessories from Dunelm

If you’re hosting a dinner party for Christmas this year, I recommend going all out after all you’ve already created an all white living room and colour-coordinated your Christmas tree and presents to it! It’s simple, get all crockery and table accessories and table decorations that are white. If it feels empty then try adding some natural plants, I’d probably add tartan decorations, just to add a bit of character to the dining table.

So, are you dreaming of a white Christmas or have you made it come to life already? 😉


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