Fancy Choco by Scent City

Scent City finally launch their new perfume collection TODAY!

After many months of waiting to reveal their amazing selection of perfumes, I am happy to present their feminine fragrance collection that’s inspired by cupcakes. The perfume glass bottles and lids are fabulous as they are shaped exactly so to represent the tasty cupcakes that we love!

The Fancy Choco Fragrance


fancy chocolate perfume from scent city

scent city home fragrance niche perfume

the scent city luxury home perfume fancy chocolate

close up photography fashion home perfume

the scent city fashion home smell fancy chocolate

Not only is it beautiful but the fragrance helps you feel beautiful too. It’s a sweet yet a sophisticated smell. It has a base of dark chocolate with a hint of mint, then there is also the citrus and pineapple aftertaste that I personally think gives it a mouthwatering, irresistible aroma.

Although light and perfect as a day smell, I’d easily wear it as an evening perfume too.

Guys – don’t you fret, the collection caters for men too so be sure to check it out 😉

Would you try Scent City’s new Eau De Parfum? Join the conversation on twitter using #scentcitizens #scentcity and #scentcityurbs

Scent City on Social Media

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Instagram: @thescentcity



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