My First Bio Ethanol Fireplace VS My Paranoia

Have you noticed that it’s still frosty out there even though the days are getting longer?

I’m super excited to announce that I was kindly sent a bio ethanol fireplace from ImaginFires to keep me warm. As it’s my first ever fireplace, let alone a modern bio-ethanol fireplace, I took a few precautions before lighting it… in fact some might call me paranoid!

keeping warm during winter with a bio ethanol fieplace how to use a bio ethanol fireplace with fuel lounge fireplace styling with cushions and checked throw shaggy rug beige sofa and cosy fireplace

Boston White Fireplace* – ImaginFires | Sofa – Debenhams | Shaggy Rug – Matalan Direct

My Fire Safety Precautions

As I’ve recently bought my house (which is my first property too!) I wanted to be absolutely sure that I’m protected against any fire accidents. I love my house so I was very worried about having an open flame in the lounge with a mechanism that I’ve never used before. So, here was my list of precautions:

Fire Extinguisher

There are different types of fire extinguishers. For a bioethanol fire it’s recommended you get a fuel extinguisher, I got one from B&Q. I did some research online and someone recommended a fire extinguisher for ethanol fire that is suitable for Class B fires (fuel). I recommend you check with a sale assistant before you buy though just in case!

Fire Blanket

This one is a nice to have. In case of a fire emergency this will protect you for enough time to extinguish the fire or flee!

Fire Alarm

Adverts say this time and time again – check that your fire alarms are active! If not, change those batteries immediately. The fire alarm is there to keep you safe so don’t just not bother, especially as there may be lives at stake…

A Metal Guard and Poking Device

I was pleasantly surprised to know that this modern fireplace comes with a device that helps you safely extinguish the fire. You simply slide a metal guard onto the flame using the poking device which disables any oxygen getting into the compartment and therefore stops the fire. *Thumbs up*

Common Sense

This one is obvious but use your common sense and don’t put the fire next to anything flammable. Keep it out of reach of children… et cetera, et cetera!

How to Light and Extinguish a Bio Ethanol Fireplace

Pour in some fuel into the middle compartment and then light it with either a long match stick or a sparking device. Simple.

It’s just as easy to get rid of the flame. As I’ve mentioned above, slide the metal guard on top of the flames/compartment to block out the air and oxygen. Use your poking device to keep your hands safe. It took less than 5 seconds to extinguish my flames!

What Does a Bio Ethanol Fireplace Smell Like?

Bio ethanol is an alternative to gasoline. When you first light it, it’s possible that you’ll smell a distinct fuel odour but it disappears in moments. It reminds me a bit of my gas cooker that gives out a similar smell before the spark lights the flame so it’s completely safe 🙂

Why Buy a Bio Ethanol Fireplace?

As it’s such a unique item I wanted to explain why I really like mine. My house is only 26 years old, you could probably call it a new build. In face, it’s so new that it doesn’t have a chimney, which means I don’t have a fireplace that’s nice central point where family and friends can gather round in the lounge. As it’s so cold throughout most of the year in the UK, this lovely fireplace offers me exactly that – a warm place to sit and relax with the people I love without worrying about things like soot, grit or smoke that a normal fire gives you.

Therefore, I’d say that the advantages are:

  • It’s safe (I was paranoid for no reason!)
  • No mess or cinders
  • Odourless (apart from when you light/extinguish)
  • Transportable and can go in any room
  • Which means you don’t need a chimney either – perfect for flats and new builds!
  • It safely turns itself off once the fuel runs out, so you don’t have to worry about falling asleep in front of the TV
  • It’s contemporary and stylish!
  • It’s warm 🙂

Take it from the person who took all of the precautions above before turning it on… the fireplace is fantastic.

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


  • March 12, 2016

    Mummy Vs Work

    It’s looks gorgeous but also very welcoming and homely too! Something we need to get for our home!

    • March 16, 2016


      Thank you, that’s exactly what I was going for 🙂 I hope you like it as much as I do.

  • March 13, 2016

    Antonia Ludden

    Looks amazing! Very contemporary and ideal when you don’t have a fireplace. It’s great that it is portable too.

    • March 16, 2016


      Thanks very much. Such a good option for this modern day and age x