For the Love of Teal!

Soothing, sophisticated and seductive; teal is my favouritest of favourite colours… ever 😉

I’ve put together a few fab bedroom ideas to inspire your teal taste.

Modern Bedroom Ideas


Bluebellgray – Petals design

I’ve personally fallen in love with Bluebellgray designs. I adore the artistic flare, the brush strokes that are so clearly visible, creating a petals pattern that’s innovative, creative and, most importantly, full of character. Soft pastels are top on 2014 interior trends list so add vibrant colours to pastel blue and soft teal shades for instant impact and contemporary bedroom look.


Bluebellgray – Petals design

Feeling confident? Play with the different shades of teal, it’s too beautiful of a colour not to! I would add pink accents to the room just to add a bit of energy to it and create an impressive look. It’s perfect for the master bedroom as it’s not too feminine so your partner shouldn’t complain 😉

Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas

Dotcomgifts, Matal & Furniture Village

Bedroom styled by Matalan, Frames from Dotcomgifts & Cushion from Furniture Village

The shabby chic look is perfect for this coming spring. Not only can you find vintage furniture with that desired ‘worn’ look but you can also find accessories to match that come in numerous teal hues. Tame teal colours go perfectly with off-whites, pale pinks, greens and blues so you have plenty of ways that you can decorate your bedroom. It’s perfect if you’re like me and like to change up your bedroom look quite often. Finally, I’d add this cute owl cushion to add some personality to the room to finish off  the chic look.

Luxury Master Bedroom Ideas



A very stylish bedroom idea has high impact and this luxury bedroom look with dark teal décor is no exception. I love the contrast between the dark teal and light bedding and background. Don’t let the walls fool you though as they’re not white but very very light teal too! It’s so light it looks silver – wow! So… have I convinced you that teal is amazing yet? 🙂

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