Free Star Knitting Pattern

I’m a cheerleader for the RT Twilights so you can guess that stars are a great symbol for us… that’s how I ended up making one of these cute pink star knitting patterns! Here’s what I did:

pink star knitting pattern fairytale pretty picture

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Stars Knitting Pattern

Measures roughly 6” by 5” using 6.0 mm knitting kneedles.

K = Knit

P = Purl

[ ] = repeat by number shown

Star outline

Star Outline

Cast on 23 knits.

Row 1: K11, P1, K11

Row 2: P11, K1, P11

Row 3: K10, P1, K1, P1, K10

Row 4: P10, K1, P1, K1, P10

Row 5: K9, [P1, K1]2, P1, K9

Row 6: P9, [K1, P1]2, K1, P9

Row 7: K8, [P1, K1]3, P1, K8

Row 8: P8, [K1, P1]3, K1, P8

Row 9: K7, [P1, K1]4, P1, K7

Row 10: P7, [K1, P1]4, K1, P7

Row 11: [P1, K1]11, P1

Row 12: [K1, P1]11, K1

Row 13: [K1, P1]11, K1

Row 14: [P1, K1]11, P1

Row 15: K1, [K1, P1]10, K2

Row 16: P1, [P1, K1]10, P2

Row 17: K2, [K1, P1]9, K3

Row 18: P2, [P1, K1]9, P3

Row 19: K3, [K1, P1]8, K4

Row 20: P3, [P1, K1]8, P4

Well done, you’ve finished knitting half of the star! Now let’s finish the other half…

Row 21: K2, [K1, P1]9, K3

Row 22: P2, [P1, K1]9, P3

Row 23: K1, [K1, P1]10, K2

Row 24: P1, [P1, K1]10, P2

Row 25: [K1, P1]11, K1

Row 26: [P1, K1]11, P1

Row 27: [P1, K1]11, P1

Row 28: [K1, P1]11, K1

Row 29: K7, [P1, K1]4, P1, K7

Row 30: P7, [K1, P1]4, K1, P7

Row 31: K8, [P1, K1]3, P1, K8

Row 32: P8, [K1, P1]3, K1, P8

Row 33: K9, [P1, K1]2, P1, K9

Row 34: P9, [K1, P1]2, K1, P9

Row 35: K10, P1, K1, P1, K10

Row 36: P10, K1, P1, K1, P10

Row 37: K11, P1, K11

Row 38: P11, K1, P11

Cast off and you’ve got yourself a knitted star pattern 🙂 enjoy!

star knitting pattern fairytale pretty picture

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