Garden Makeover; Progress, Before & After

My garden needed an extreme makeover. The winter has been harsh and my dog hasn’t been kind to it either.

Our budget is purposefully small because we’re thinking about selling this house soon but at the same time, because we’ll no doubt spend at least the next summer here (for buying and selling homes is slow going in the UK) we thought we’ll update a few bits here and there and make it just that little bit nicer to enjoy the outdoors when the sunshine comes out.

There’s a lot that needs to be done so I’ll be updating this post with progress. I’ll add my videos as they go live so that they all live in one place. I’m curious myself as to how much we’ll be able to get done and how creative we can get by not spending much money on renovating the garden.

In the first garden makeover video here’s what I cover:

  • A huge tidy up. We’ve been storing dismantled second hand furniture under a gazebo and a ground sheet all winter because it’s a project that I decided to take on. It’s actually a wardrobe that matches my baby boy’s cot and chest of drawers but I didn’t have the time, or energy, to sand it down in order to prime it, paint it and then wax it. We also didn’t have enough space in the garage BUT since my husband made some space in there we were able to move it and get back our garden space. The other things to sort were charity bits and my mum’s boxes (as she was moving house!)
  • Mowing the lawn. This one was an easy one… well, for me. Chris said he uncovered plenty of dog poo that Casper managed to hide throughout the winter months.
  • Fence. This is probably the biggest change we’re going to make because our old fence was falling down due to many storms and strong winds. It’s so much nicer now that it’s done; our garden looks bigger and brighter!
  • Potting plants. My baby boy, Aidan, enjoys the outdoors and he likes to explore and try new things so you’ll see in this video how he’s helping me repot plants.
  • Decorating with lights and soft furnishings. I bought new cosy cushions, throws to cuddle up under and have been gifted some lovely lights from Celtic Serenity. They were super easy to use (battery powered) and have been enjoying their fairytale and atmospheric vibes. Have a look at what it all looks like in the video below!

The plan for next steps is:

  • Mow the lawn (again) – it has been raining so much that we’ve had so much growth. This also meant that we have to wait until it’s nice weather… which has been few and far between.
  • Go to the dump. We still have plenty to throw away and just need help from Chris’ dad to use the trailer. We have so much to get rid of; old fence, broken metal frame from a sofa bed and so much more.
  • Paint the fence. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding what colour to go for as Chris and I have conflicting ideas… we’ll have to just see what we decide in the end.
  • Grass. I bought some seeds and hope to grow some new grass in our patchy areas. It’s mostly not too bad and I don’t mind the weeds either (our tortoise eats them) so it’s a matter of just adding grass to the bits that never grow.

Wish us luck and looking forward to updating this page soon! Thanks for watching and reading x

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.

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