Great British Hamper & 3 Ways to Keep Using it at Home

A Great British hamper can be just as decorative as it is delicious.

Fortnum and Mason has always been a beautiful, grand and unforgettable store (London – UK of course) and their choice of hampers is no different. This one in particular, the Afternoon Indulgence hamper, is full of a lovely range of teas, mouthwatering chocolate, a bottle of bubbly and jam. It has everything that I’d possibly want to complete my home-made afternoon tea!

Once I finish eating and drinking everything that is inside, there is absolutely no way that I’m simply going to throw away the hamper. No. In fact, I have found three lovely ways that I could display the wicker basket in my home and wanted to share those decorating ideas with you today. Enjoy!

Afternoon Indulgence Basket* – Fortnum & Mason

So as it’s so wonderful to look at as well I’ve come up with three ways that I could reuse the hamper for other things, to be able to continue to display it at home.

Kitchen: Biscuits or Bread Bin

My husband is a massive fan of all kinds of biscuits (and who can blame him?) so we always have biscuits in the house, from the ordinary digestives to the special assortments of shortbread biscuits. So, I thought that I could easily reuse this wonderful basket in the kitchen to stick all of the biscuits into one place. Then again, I thought that putting it all in the one hamper is dangerous as it makes it all super easy to find … and eat, haha, so maybe it’s safer to make it into a bread bin instead.

Bedroom: Knitting Hamper

I love knitting, especially in the autumn as it is now as it leads up to Christmas. I have plenty of wool and knitting needles so think it would made a gorgeous knitting wool and accessories hamper in my bedroom. It’ll get used lots and it would look beautiful with the rest of the light wooden furniture that I have in there too.

Bathroom: Flannels & Toiletries

This idea is a quirky one I think but could be a lot of fun and ideal for when I have the girls over for a girly evening where we put our face masks on. Putting in flannels and toiletries into the hamper would free up lots of space in the cupboards and look fabulous at the same time. As the bathroom is the least of my favourite places in the home, I think adding something pretty will really help the decor.

What would you reuse your Great British Hamper for?

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