Guest Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Christmas

Getting the guest bedroom ready for Christmas is really important to me.

My sister lives more than an hour away so we don’t get to see her and her family often. Christmas is definitely an excuse to ask them to come over and stay the weekend. I always want to make their stay as special as I can and xmas decorations help me do that perfectly.

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5 Guest Bedroom Christmas Decoration Ideas

  1. Inject festive cheer into your decor by placing a fun door hanger on the guest bedroom door handle. Your guests will feel Christmasy before they even step foot into the guest room.
  2. Leave a Santa sack full of tasty treats and fun presents that they must only open on Christmas day. Top tip: make the sack look bigger by putting small gifts into larger boxes ūüėČ
  3. Find a small Christmas tree. My mum is a florist so she buys a small plant pot in the shape of an xmas tree that is covered in natural foam stuff that makes it look like snow. It’s ¬£2 so a really affordable way to freshen up the room and add a festive twist to it.
  4. To make your guests feel at home add cosy cushions and covers. I’m a big fan of textures so; chunky knitted cushion covers; faux fur covers; and woolen snuggle blankets are my ‘go-to’ items this season.
  5. A smell can make or break any home. The same goes for a guest bedroom so I always go seeking¬†a scented candle that’s either subtle cinnamon or this year I’m going for the ‘natural’ Christmas tree smell.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I actually have multi-purpose guest bedroom furniture. We invested in a fantastic sofa bed and haven’t regretted a single penny. Most of the year the room is actually used for my beloved pet tortoise (the little bulldozer!) so¬†we use it as a sofa. It takes seconds to unfold and create into a bed – a perfect temporary solution to have guests sleep over during Christmas!

Do you do anything to get your home ready for guests at Christmas?


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