Home Office Ideas for Comfort & Crafts

Right, so I’ve been getting back aches recently and I have a sneaky suspicion that my uncomfortable desk and chair are behind this!

As you may have already noticed, I love knitting and crafts, which means it’s super important for me to have a place where I can complete my projects without feeling like I’ve been bending down to touch my toes about a thousand times.

So, I am finally thinking about replacing my old up-cycled chair that unfortunately lost its back support since I’ve given it a makeover and the ‘hand-me-down’ metal table that doesn’t allow me to sit under it properly.

home office ideas for comfort and crafts

Here are my home office ideas for my own little crafts corner that’s comfy as well as practical.

Home Office Furniture Ideas

loaf home office desk

This Den office desk by Loaf is one I’ve been eyeing up – it’s robust, simple yet stylish and has all the shelving I need for my bits and bobs.

loaf drawer on desk

I’m sure I’ll find lots of use for the top drawer too, especially with all the extra ribbons, buttons and yarn lying around…

chest of drawers loaf

It’s probably not even enough storage for me so I’ll couple it with a matching drawer unit which I can easily store away under the table when I’m not using it!

chair at loaf

Now, for sitting. I need something comfortable yet sturdy and robust so this matching wooden chair is perfect as it has an upholstered cushion pad that I can easily customise 🙂 you know what I’m like haha.

It’s a shame that I can’t do this NOW as I  need to buy my own house first – but don’t worry we’re looking. Fingers crossed!

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  • April 7, 2014


    Just loving these pieces, especially the desk. I’m looking for one for my shed at the moment and I think it would fit perfectly.