Home Office Transformation with Before & After

The first time I redecorated my office I wanted to go for a ‘library’ vibe. I wanted it to be cosy and inviting, dark and full of books. I quickly realised, after hours of painting the box room a dark colour, that we didn’t have much time to read these books…

Years later I finally went back to the box room and transformed it. Due to the obvious, the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been spending a lot more time in the home office. The room was no longer our ‘dumping ground’ for sewing, crafting and blogging things but now it became an office I have to share… plus continuing to store away all those things.

Anyway, I used the Bank Holiday weekend to transform the home office by first priming the room (using white to get rid of the dark coloured walls) and then by painting it a light neutral shade. We used the BEIGE 01 paint from Lick and a painting kit that’s fully biodegradable / recyclable! Many thanks to Lick for gifting me these for the transformation. What’s interesting though is that the beige ended up having a gorgeous green tinge in our room. Whether it’s due to the dark walls before it or the natural light of the room, the olive green-beige colour is addictive; I’m already planning to buy more to transform our kitchen!

My top 3 tips for redecorating any room are:

  1. Preparation is key. The more time you put into the room before painting, the better it comes out. For example, using tape for all of the light switches and so on, or even painting the room white first before using a beautiful colour on top.
  2. Go Eco-friendly. Painting can be really harmful to the environment due to the plastic and waste produced whilst decorating. A company like Lick have it spot on – their items are fully biodegradable or recyclable and I love that. I felt no guilt whatsoever painting or throwing away the tray when I was done. Don’t worry, I’m reusing the other bits 😉
  3. Pair it with something fun. Painting isn’t for everyone, but even I who enjoy redecorating can find it a little too long – so, my husband once told me to pair it with something that you like doing so that you start enjoying the process a lot more. For example listen to a book or watch a program whilst painting. I ended up listening to a podcast on Dr Death (I’m a huge true crime fan and that was recently recommended to me.)

Before & After

Here are some before and after shots and a video will be with you on Monday. What do you think?


Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.

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