House Cleaning Tips for Dog Owners

I’m finally sharing my ten secret hacks to a clean home when I have a huge dog weighing 44kg and a long haired breed (which white by the way, so his fur is VERY hard to miss.)

I’ve collaborated with BEKO on a recent video but thought I’d share on the blog about it too. Here’s the fun survey they did around Pet Habits & cleaning stats that made me laugh.

For example, did you know that pet owners tend to clean their homes 4 times as much as pet-free homes? As somebody who has a long-haired white German Shepherd… I can relate. I feel like I’m cleaning up constantly (lets not mention my toddler.) Even when I hoover, I look behind me and BAM there’s more white hair on my dark floors!

Anyway, here’s my top ten cleaning tips for pet owners:


As I mentioned, my dog is long-haired but he’s also the breed that sheds twice a year (Swiss Shepherd/White German Shepherd) so it means that during those ‘peak’ times when the weather changes, so does most of his fur. This means that I tend to brush Casper once a day. I find that if I don’t, his hair comes out in big clumps around the house, making his fur a lot more visible on my floors AND makes me get the hoover out a lot more. A quick brush that’s regular is therefore my number 1 tip for maintaining your home.


Making sure that your hoover is in working order is a must. I clean my Dyson hoover ‘heads’ by cutting out the fur every few times that I use it. I find that it picks up the hair just so much better when it’s maintained. Personally, I feel like it saves me so much time having a hoover that’s in a good condition.


Paint that’s wipeable (that doesn’t come off when you use a wet cloth on it) is pppeeerrrfect for a pet home (and kids too!) My dog loves to come in muddy and shake it all off in the porch. Being able to wash away the mud has saved me multiple times already!


My biggest tip is to have a couple of covers per furniture or chair because you can put one in the wash and the second on the furniture and alternate so that your seats NEVER get ruined. Get something affordable as well as washable so that if it does get ruined, you don’t mind throwing it away.


I always recommend trying out bicarbonate soda with a splash of vinegar for any cleaning routine. Only when that doesn’t work get something stronger but be aware that if you’re using something like a carpet stain remover that they tend to clean the area sometimes ‘too’ well. Perhaps the trick here is to clean the whole rug/carpet so that you don’t end up with a ‘bleached spot’.


I love using our porch as a safety gateway where my dog gets pre-cleaned before he comes into the house. We clean his paws in there and wipe him down after very rainy walks. Clean home and pets don’t really mix… but you can certainly ‘encourage’ a clean home by getting your dog as clean as possible BEFORE they come through the door.


This one is a bit of an odd suggestion but I swear by it! I started buying suede clothes and shoes because I know they don’t attract fur. They’re super easy to brush hair off and so I definitely recommend it for any owners suffering from fur-ricanes in the house 😉


BEKO’s survey says that this is one of the top pet messy trait, where the dog or cat gets food everywhere. My tip here is to add a mat under your food bowl so that it’s easier to wipe clean.


Buy yourself a good mop because you won’t regret it. I have one with a detachable cloth so I throw it into the washing machine after the floors get cleaned. EASY PEASY!


If you have pets or kids don’t bother with carpet, not downstairs at least. Any spills, mess, mud and dirt can easily be wipes away if you have laminate, wooden or vinyl flooring etc etc. Basically any surface that’s not carpet is your friend. Have a think about getting a darker colour too so that all the spills don’t show up easily either.

Here’s the video about my cleaning hacks, I hope it comes in useful!

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.

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