How to Create a Shabby Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic is an easy and affordable way to create a charming bedroom. Form an elegant look that has an aged essence and a feminine atmosphere that’s brought forward via lots of lovely pastel colours. It’s a modern theme that’s sure to impress.

Shabby Chic Décor



Typically, shabby chic decoration involved soft colours, such as creams and pastel pinks whilst using white as the base. Add lots of décor with butterflies, hearts and birds for a calming bedroom that’s also full of life. I definitely think it’s the leading choice in modern girl’s bedroom ideas.

One of the reasons I adore shabby chic bedrooms is because it encourages light into the room, making it a timeless interior choice whatever the weather outside.

By adding unique items and vintage furniture you’re bound to create the ultimate chic look. Here’s how you can customise old furniture and do it yourself…

How to Create Your Own Shabby Chic Furniture

Up-cycle old items to create your very own shabby chic furniture!

If you’re wondering how to paint furniture with a vintage look then here is how:

  1. Find a second-hand or old metal or wooden furniture
  2. If it’s wooden, sand it down to the remove broken, mouldy or the old, unattractive surface
  3. Paint it white
  4. For the perfect antique look use dark wax

Why not go further to create a contemporary, custom look too? Use letter stencils and paint it a silver or soft gold hue? Try just painting a word, such as ‘chic’ or go further by painting a whole phrase like ‘live, laugh, love’.

Now you’ve created white bedroom furniture with an elegant vintage look, but don’t only create a shabby chic bed – you can also up-cycle mirrors and picture frames as well as tables and chairs!

Other Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas



There’s nothing but comfort with shabby chic accessories. The tactile textures of the bedding covers, pillows and fab shabby chic cushions are sure to keep you cosy the whole year round.  Also, the heart warming bell heart wall feature or angel wings on the bed side table are an ideal finishing touch to a welcoming bedroom look.

Good luck making your shabby chic bedroom and don’t forget to comment your ideas 🙂


All images provided by Dunelm:

  • Cups and saucer table lamp – £19.99
  • Bretagne Bedside unit £199.99
  • Angel Wings £9.99
  • Bells Heart £9.99
  • Nostalgic Bluebird items bedding – from £5.99

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