How to Fold Napkins for a Christmas Party

Folding napkins is a skill that’s easy to acquire.

I think it’s really fun and I love how pretty the Christmas dinner table ends up looking. Whether you think it’s posh or creative, it doesn’t matter, what does matter is that they draw the eye and create the perfect festive atmosphere and the napkins are useful during dinner time too; not just pretty centrepieces 😉

Anyway, scroll down for my step by step picture guide on how to fold a bow napkin and a fan napkin…

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Silver and black napkins, sequin napkin rings and plate – all Debenhams*

How to Fold a Bow Napkin:

Step 1: Fold 2/3 inches of one side of the napkin inwards, then continue folding the napkin into itself until the end.

Step 2: Looking at it lengthways, fold one side of the length and bring it past the middle. Now fold the other side, bringing it over the first fold.

Step 3: Take your napkin ring and start feeding the napkin through over your last fold. Be sure to keep the ring as central as possible but over both flaps so that it’s neat and looks like a lovely bow once done.

How to Fold a Fan Napkin:

Step 1: Fold your napkin inwards by 1/2 inches, then fold outwards. Repeat this until the end.

Step 2: Now fold it in half and keep hold of the centre.

Step 3: Feed your ring through from the centre and open up your napkin at the top to make it look like a fabulous fan.

Easy peasy right?

I found these beautiful napkin rings in the Debenhams gift guide and think that they bring more than just a touch of glamour to a plain dinner table. I couldn’t help but get drawn to the sparkly sequins. Anyway, Debenhams have loads of homeware and dinnerware gift ideas, perfect for ‘the host’ so be it if you’re looking for gifts or to buy for yourself, they’ve got plenty for you to choose from.

Will you be trying out napkin folding this Christmas?

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