How to Lose Weight This Summer

About Charlotte Holmes

If the pictures haven’t already given it away – I’m proud to feature Charlotte Holmes on the blog! To give a little introduction (not that she needs one) she is not only from Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model cycle six but she was also Miss England not so long ago. Not to mention she is incredibly selfless as she has done loads of work for charity!

charlotte holmes personal training top tips how to lose weight summer

As she has recently started personal training classes, and I know how many of you are trying to get into shape this summer, I was desperate to ask her for some advice to keeping fit. From eating to exercising, here are her top tips…

What to Eat to Lose Weight

Eating well is VITAL for getting and staying in shape! Your body needs a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins and fats, as well as a good intake of water, to function properly and give you energy.

  • Drink more water
  • Eat more breakfast
  • Cut out the CRAP:

Carbonated drinks

Refined sugars

Artificial colours and flavourings

Processed foods

Your body needs NONE of the above.

Why Exercise Regularly

charlotte holmes personal training top tips beach body

Exercise is so important, not just during ‘weight loss’ but for renewal health and well being. Think of your body as a machine, you have to fuel it correctly and keep it moving in order for it not to seize up and shut down. It really is that simple.

Everybody is different, so choose to do something you enjoy and try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day.

I like to do a 20 minute body weight circuit as soon as I wake up before I get in the shower consisting of some of the following:

  • press ups
  • squats
  • walking lunges
  • hip raises
  • sit-ups
  • back extensions
  • bear walks
  • plank

Charlotte Now Offers Personal Training Sessions!

£40 an hour to book a block of ten and you get one session free (so 11 sessions for £400).

Price includes an hour’s consultation to set goals and do measurements etc. To discuss equipment needed and location preferences.

You also get free nutritional advice, food planning and 24hr email support included in the PT package.

Drop in classes (PAYG):

  • HITT fat burning class
  • Toning and flexibility class
  • Booty boot camp

One on one: £30

Train with a friend: both for £50.

Learn your lesson:

Groups of 6+ for a two hour class: one hour on nutrition and lifestyle followed by an hour’s boot camp. Price upon request depending on location and numbers.

Location: London and the surrounding area. Will travel to larger group sessions upon request, email for more details.


Email: [email protected]

Twitter/Insta: @misscharholmes

Facebook: Charlotteholmesofficial

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