How to Make a Wooden Alphabet Letter

The B&Q Alphabet workshop hosted by Charis Williams and Valspar Paint taught me a lot about upcycling with wood-work.

If you’ve read my About Me section, you’ll know that I’m a hands-on person so when I was invited to the above I grasped at the chance to learn more about DIY. I also thought it’s the perfect chance to make a ‘G’ for my wedding in a couple of months as I’m going to be Mrs Ghost – Eek!

Here’s a step by step guide to create your own wooden letter:

valspar colour bandq diy workshop blog event cutting wood to the shape of your letter with hand saw glue the wood onto the shape of chipboard sand the wood to keep it smooth painting the letter with valspar colour tester pot painting the alphabet letter for wedding white happily ever after letter decorating the house

UPDATED: Here’s a photo of it at my wedding >>>

letter G at ghost wedding with bride and groom

Step 1: Create your Chipboard Base

Mark out your letter or shape on chipboard. Then cut out your letter using a saw. This will be your base onto which you glue the wood on top of.

Step 2: Cut the Wood

Now, cut out pieces of wood for the letter. Use a pencil to mark out where you need to saw. We used both a hand-saw and a circular saw to create the shape we needed. The B&Q ones were really easy to use so I don’t recommend cutting corners (if you pardon the pun!) make sure you use quality ones, firstly it will save you time and secondly, it’s really easy to get frustrated when you’re physically working hard to get these done nicely and sawed straight.

Step 3: Tidy the Edges & Glue it Down

Sand down the edges and any bits that are rough and are sticking out on both the chipboard and wood. Then, glue down the wood onto the chipboard to create your letter. If you notice any size differences (which I did) once it’s all dry simply saw the extra sections that you don’t need for the letter.

Step 4: Nail Down (Optional)

Nail down the letter from the back, I however only used the ‘No More Nails’ glue which dried quickly and as solid as a rock.

Step 5: Paint

When you’re happy that it’s all smooth and sanded down so that the wood and chipboard are the same sizes all around the edges, paint the letter in your preferred colour. I used a tester pot from Valspar Paint* after choosing the ‘Whisper Skies’ shade, which is a beautiful off white (perfect for the wedding).

Step 6: Decorate

Once it’s dry, feel free to decorate the letter how you see fit. I might add subtle glitter to mine, plus some lace to use it as a wedding decoration display. I might even add photos onto the letter for a quirky modern look in the future. I’ll definitely put it up on my wall once the wedding is done as a wonderful memory. Thanks B&Q, Valspar and Charis!

Will you make a DIY wooden letter?

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