How To Make Your Bedroom Look Like A Pinterest Post

Have you ever browsed through posts on Pinterest and had complete bedroom envy? Well I’m going to offer you some tips on how you can transform your bedroom from a chaotic, overcrowded mess into a pristine space, worthy of being pinned on Pinterest. Now let’s not waste any more time and get started!

1. Go for a pale colour scheme. You’ll notice that the bedrooms on Pinterest are very light and airy. They always look spacious, even when they are tiny rooms. The secret to this is using lighter colours on the walls, creating the illusion of having more space. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of opportunities to incorporate colour into the room at a later stage! The light walls are important as they frame the rest of the room. Think of it as a background of a poster. The background sets the scene and changes how the actual image will look.

2. Keep the room very minimal. Pinterest bedrooms always look very bare, as if the owner only has a few possessions. But you’re always left wondering how one can possibly live with such few things. The secret to this is having a good storage system. Everything should be put away, hidden and out of sight. Use dead space under your bed or at the bottom of your wardrobe. This will make the room look neat and more spacious. Alternatively, you could buy some decorative storage boxes and stack them up in the corner of the room. The key is simply to put things away!

minimalism interior nordic grey black and white decor


3. Make your bed the focal point. I don’t even think I need to expand on this one. Every Pinterest bedroom has a bed that stands out, which is covered with different cushion arrangements of every colour and size alongside a feminine bedspread. This is your opportunity to play with colour. Depending on your preference, you can opt for a vibrant bedspread with patterned cushions, or whatever you like. Be as bold as you want, and try out different colour schemes!

Bensons for Beds

Bensons for Beds

4. Use fitted wardrobes. These can really help with the whole minimal look as they are built into the wall according to the space you have. As they are fitted, they almost look as if they are tucked into the wall which makes a huge difference in opening up the space. Fitted wardrobes are slimmer than general wardrobes and they use the height of the room, maximising storage space. For the ultimate space-creating illusion, you can go for mirrored fitted wardrobes which can reflect lots of light and make the room appear even bigger and brighter!

5. Maximise lighting. The more light you have, the larger your room will look and feel. Go for anything from wall lights to desk lamps. Make sure you have lights directed towards the darkest corners of the room, you’ll be surprised at how much difference it can make! Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the fairy lights. The key to each Pinterest post is the fairy lights draped across the mirror or your bed. These can help to add a little bit of femininity. You can even go all out and get a chandelier!

6. Add a bouquet of flowers. These add a bit more life to the room. You’ll notice that bedrooms on Pinterest always have a fresh set of flowers shown on nightstands. Now, although they probably placed the bouquet of flowers on the nightstand a few minutes before taking the picture, it is always a good idea to have flowers somewhere in the room. The best location is probably near a window, and instead of opting for a generic vase, use a mason jar which is just so much more chic (don’t forget to add water!).

metallics interior grey rug with fresh flowers home


7. Have some things on show. You’ll always notice that books are used for decorative purposes on Pinterest, for example books with colourful spines on shelves, or magazines stacked up and used as a nightstand. Get your books out and use them around the room. Now we’re not talking about classic literature like Ulysses and Great Expectations, we’re talking coffee table books like Harper’s Bazaar Greatest Hits or The Little Black Book of Style. They always look so much more stylish! Alternatively, you could display your perfumes on a glass tray on your dresser. Perfume bottles always add a touch of glamour to any room, so you can spread them out and add that little touch of luxury to your living space. Yes, although I preached minimalism, a little bit of decor is acceptable.

8. Be creative with your nightstand. What is a Pinterest post without a nightstand? Now I just mentioned the magazine nightstand, but you can use whatever you like. A popular idea is to stack up mini suitcases or cool crates. This is dependent on the overall theme of your room. You could even opt for a stool. The choice is yours, try and find something that represents you! Keep the contents of the nightstand very minimal, a lamp and a few little bits are fine, but avoid overcrowding.

There you have it, in 8 simple steps! Of course you can pick and choose depending on your theme, whether it’s contemporary, industrial, shabby chic or retro. Good luck and happy decorating!


This article was written by Qurratulain Zaheer, an advocate of all things chic and decorative! She recommends Hammonds Space for their stylish fitted wardrobes.

Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.


  • June 17, 2014

    Emily Lowery

    Loved this post! I am re-doing my bedroom over the Summer and this has given me so many tips. Thanks xo
    EmsAlice // Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

    • July 9, 2014


      Hi Emily, glad you found it useful! Be sure to tweet me a pic once your bedroom’s had a makeover, I’d love to see it 🙂