How to Make Your Home Look More Expensive (On A Budget!)

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Passionate about homes, interiors and the odd life hack, she shares her ideas below on how to make your home look more expensive, without you needing to spend a fortune either 😉

For anyone that’s ever seen Cribs, you’ll know the feeling of intense jealousy that rushes over you when you’re on a virtual tour around a Z-lister’s home – full of amazing antiques, intricate trinkets and vintage clothing. We all dream of having an interior designer at our beck and call but there are some simple ways of making your home look more expensive and they can be done inexpensively and with minimal effort.

Invest in a Style Statement




















Just as you’d shop for clothes, there are certain timeless classics in the furniture world too. If you’re going to splurge, spend on an eye-catching centrepiece such as a sofa or a bedframe. These are the items that will carry for your interior style through a number of years and through a number of different trends so think carefully about what you want to buy. For example…

Chesterfield sofas give off a 19th century gentleman’s club feel and have been consistently popular throughout the years. Featuring a tufted back, deep seat and high scrolling arms they are available in a vast array of fabrics including leather, fabric and even velvet.

A dark wood bedframe can instantly enhance the look of your bedroom and create a boutique hotel-type vibe but even a headboard can instantly transform the look and feel of a space. Why not update your headboard with a luxury and contemporary faux-leather style, combining a deep-buttoning technique with a generous height option to focus the attention within your bedroom space?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

marks and spencer mirror quirky and unique frame like stars

Marks and Spencer

Mirrors are an ideal way to accentuate any room within your home. A large mirror reflects light, boosts natural light and can add depth to a room so it’s perfect for not only, creating a large, grand effect but it can also help to make small rooms look bigger.

As mirrors reflect light, they create an open-plan feel to the room and when hanging across from windows will reflect the view too thus opening up the room even more. For an extra style injection, be sure to frame the mirror in a gold, traditional aged frame to create an impact (and ideal for a vintage or aristocratic look!) or for the DIY lovers out there, you can create a DIY mirror frame within a few hours for next to nothing!

Get Arty

To make your space look more expensive, be sure to emphasise your artwork. Whether it’s your own or a shop-bought art, it needs to be supersized! Perfect for rented homes too, some eye-catching artwork will disguise wallpaper without the need for redecorating a whole room. Plus, artwork can be changed quickly and easily unlike eccentric wallpaper or décor that could go out of style. If art isn’t your thing, then create a supersize canvas out of your favourite family photo or introduce a photo wall with pictures of your favourite memories and loved ones.

Light it Up!

sweetpea and willow floor lamp light designer

Sweetpea and Willow

light lanterns on stairs pretty interiors by oliver bonas

Oliver Bonas

For a final quick and easy upgrade to get your home looking Cribs-ready, swap out your old and date lighting fixtures for a new luxury, designer lamp or light fixture. Lighting is imperative for setting the mood in a room. Lighting helps to create an ambiance and it’s essential you consider the practicality of the room too. Do you sometimes work from home? You can’t have the room too dark, so you will want a fixture that will keep the room bright and fresh. Or, if it’s simply for watching your favourite TV programmes with your family, then a romantic glow and ambient light will do.

A luxury chandelier can work wonders for a room too, particularly bedrooms or dining rooms as they can add opulence and drama to a room. Hang over the dining table as a centrepiece; chandeliers are fantastic for casting light so they’re ideal if you want a well-lit room.

Have you got any tips or tricks on making your home look more expensive? Comment below!

A massive thanks to Anna for her tips! If you need more budget friendly ideas then read my post that offers 10 ways for decorating your home on a budget

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