How to Make your Own Make-Up Brush Holder

makeup brush holder

I’ve recently ordered a beautiful Hillarys Blinds fabric sample called Bird Parade Teal (due to a crafts competition they’re offering.) It was much bigger than I expected and, as recommended by the Crafts Blog UK, I managed to do lots of crafts with it!

Here’s an easy to follow guide for making your own make-up brush holder:

Cut out a piece of thick fabric measuring 70cm long and 48cm wide.

how to make a makeup holder

Lay the fabric flat in front of you and on the length of it mark three lines at 20cm, 46cm and 61cm. I would do this on the inside of the fabric as to not to ruin the nice pattern on the front.

Then lay the fabric in front of you with the front side up and fold it widthways on the first and third lines that you just did. (Forget the second line for know as we will come back to this.) Pin and stitch (1cm from the edge) what you’ve just folded.

making a makeup holder

Turn it inside out when you’re done, so that you have something that looks like this…

How to make a makeup holder

Now, this is where the second line comes in. Fold your fabric at that line.

DIY makeup holder

Then fold the remaining fabric so that you form a large pocket. Pin and stitch these into place.

makeup holder bag

Individual Make-Up Brush Pockets

makeup brushes and holder

You can easily customise the pockets to suit your make-up needs! All you need to do is stitch a straight line. I’ve chosen one 7cm and five 5cm wide pockets for my brushes and makeup essentials. But why not go for five 4 cm-wide pockets with four 5cm and one 6cm? It’s up to you 🙂


Adding Ribbon

I’ve added a simple finishing touch by sewing a thin ribbon to the holder. I’ve only sewed a small section of the ribbon onto the back just behind the pocket line, leaving enough ribbon on either side so that I can tie it round.

makeup holder ribbon

Now I can easily put my make-up brushes away when I’m not using them!

I’d love to see how your make-up holder turns out so be sure to tweet me a pic via @alinaisaev 🙂

Inspired by @CoutureCraft and @QuadrilleCraft:

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