How to Set up a John Lewis Wedding Gift List

john lewis gift list in store experience

Our friends and family have urged us to create a wedding gift list that will help them buy items that we actually need!

The John Lewis gift list

It didn’t take us long to decide on John Lewis because their items are prestigious, luxurious and of good quality. So, I started off by setting up the John Lewis gift list account online by registering. After entering all of the details, which is pretty easy and straight forward, you’ll find that John Lewis offers you gift list inserts to include within your wedding invitations for your guests and that’s exactly what I did. They came as little cards and left space for you to write your gift-list number and your guests can view it (12 weeks before the event).

Wait to choose your items

You will then be told that you can’t choose products for your gift list until about 3 months before your wedding. Although you might be eager, this is to ensure that whatever you choose doesn’t go discontinued.

Create your gift list

In Store: I would strongly recommend having the experience of scanning your wedding items in one of the John Lewis stores. Not only is it fun but before you begin the staff member in customer services goes through all of the procedures and explains how it works – perhaps it’s the things that you’ve missed and haven’t read in the terms and conditions… I found it useful to know about local stores and couriers and that you can actually set some of your items to be delivered to you BEFORE your wedding, like a camera for example or holiday items you might want to take on your honeymoon straight after the wedding!

Give yourself PLENTY of time to walk around the store and I recommend picking a non-busy period too. It takes longer than you think and be prepared to think over the smallest silly items ;). It took us ages to decide whether we needed a meat thermometre or not… (weirdos)

John lewis wedding gift list review

The gift list scanner is great, it scanned our items pretty quickly and without much effort (I don’t know why I expected it to be slow) and it categorised the things we were ordering, such as ‘home’ then ‘electricals’ etc. so it was pretty easy to navigate on its system too.

Online: Once the gift list opens, you can start building it online but once again I’d recommend the in-store experience. What you need to do is choose the item you want by browsing their site then copy the product code on the top right hand-side and pasting it into the section/tab that says ‘add items’ in the gift-list area. Add in the quantity and it’s added onto your main list after you click update list.

We used the gift list online to change the items we decided not to order in the end after our store visit or add things we’ve forgotten!

Very happy with the service so far and will update this with a review of the delivery service.

TOP TIP: John Lewis are never knowingly undersold which means that when there are promotions going on in other shops, like House of Fraser for example, then there will be deals and discounts on the wedding gift list too if applicable – so probably worth mentioning to your guests to keep an eye out 😉

Our Gift List Number: 629196 (opens mid Oct 2015).

Feel free to have a snoop at the items we’ve chosen and let me know what you think…

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