How to Set Your Christmas Table in 3 Simple Steps

Christmas and Boxing Day are nearly upon us! No matter whether you’re spending one or the other at home you’ll need to have your table ready. As Christmas time can be very stressful and you still want your table to look its best no matter what for the dinner or buffet, I’ve put together a few tips to make it that bit easier for you 🙂

Red white and green table decor candles home ideas

Christmas table decoration red cover festive look

Christmas table detail of candlestick holdercandlestick holders from the french bedroom company interiors

woodland deer candlestick holders in white decor

My Deer Candlestick holders  – The French Bedroom Company

Candles, gravy boat and Christmas party napkins – Sainsbury’s

Cheeseboard and cheese knife set – Spain

Step 1: Choose Your Table Theme

Pick a theme or colour scheme to set your table! Some popular ideas include; a modern all-white ‘Winter Wonderland’ Christmas theme; tartan patterns and traditional touches; the colourful ‘Tutti Frutti’ look that I believe takes guts to pull off; and, of course, the woodland creatures that are loved so well for their cuteness.

I went for the more traditional table but with a twist. I’ve stuck to the bold red and vintage table cloth and green that can be spotted here and there. Then, I also added a few white statement pieces, like the candlestick holders and the centrepiece. The My Deer candlesticks added a woodland feel to it – a trend which I adore and hence my modern twist 😉

Top Tip: Why not match your table decor to your Christmas tree decorations for an impressive, complimenting finish?


Step 2: Decide on Crockery and Utensils

This can be figured out by first, deciding whether it’s going to be a dinner or a buffet (ours is the latter as we’re having family over on Boxing Day) and then by choosing the food that you’re hoping to prepare or present, or both! This will help you understand the kind of things you’ll find useful during the meal.

I have put a cheeseboard and cheese knife on the table, not only to show off the beautiful wooden pattern that it has but because we are planning to have a selection of cheese and biscuits. Then there are things like a gravy boat, napkins and even port – useful for obvious reasons 😉

Top Tip: Don’t overcrowd your table as you’ll still need to fit food onto it!


Step 3: Make a List

I find that lists help immensely. I’d recommend that you keep organised by writing a list of the things you’re sure to need, such as alcohol, food, snacks, desserts etc. Remember though, don’t only write down the edible bits for the festive meal, but also make note of the bits you might be missing. It’s what I did with our nutcracker and as you can now see we have one 🙂 whoop!

Top Tip: For those last minute forgotten items be sure to ask your family, friends or even neighbours if they have it so you could have/borrow it. 


Alina is the founder and writer of The Fairytale Pretty Picture blog whilst working full time as an SEO specialist at a growing online-only retailer called Amara. She owns a beautiful white Alsatian and lives in Essex with her husband.

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