How to Style a Corner Sofa

Corner sofas are great and can be styled in so many different ways!

Firstly, they’re great for entertainment, allowing you to fit a lot of people in one room. Then, they can make your lounge look massive, but how do I make a corner sofa look fantastic? I hear you ask…

After briefly writing on the subject in my How to Style your Sofa post, Furniture Village, who have all types of corner sofas available, got in touch asking me to share more of my styling tips, this time specifically for a corner sofa. So, have a look below as I’m sure these decorating ideas will help you style your very own L shapes sofa. Enjoy!

Decide on your Home Decor Theme

shabby chic lounge with scatter cushions and corner sofa

Whether it’s shabby chic or a country home interior style, a clear idea of where you want to end up will make it much easier for you to choose your furniture and accessories which will compliment it. Find inspiration from magazines, home blogs and Pinterest or Instagram even…! And why not even put a little moodboard together of the things that you like?

Anyway, once you have chosen the home design style that you want, finding a corner sofas that fits is so much easier!

Add Scatter Cushions and Throws

blue accent home interior design styling idea

You can scatter loads of cushions of different sizes and colours on a corner sofa because there’s lots of space to work with and you can have fun with the overall look. A white fabric corner sofa like the one in the photo looks great with a mixture of patterned cushion designs.

You can then compliment the overall look with a textured throw that’s also a bold colour. For example the photos show a bold aqua blue accent colour, which matches the furniture behind the sofa.

Surround it with Furniture that Compliments the Theme

corner sofa scatter cushions and styling decoration ideas

Seamlessly blend your sofa and style into the whole room and not just that area. Matching a bookshelf, a stand or even a chair to your cushion colours is a creative way to compliment your corner sofa soft furnishings to your overall interior design. If not colour matching, what about using the same patterns? The most common way to do this is probably matching your curtains to the cushions.

Follow the Theme Through to other Rooms

quirky lamp shade chandelier lounge and dining room shells

Especially if you have an open plan living space it’s important to carry your design style from the lounge to the dining room, and perhaps even kitchen. It doesn’t have to be with soft furnishings but other accessories such as curtain poles, lamp shades, lights and table accessories.

Decorate the Surrounding Area

shabby chic swan decoration with colourful flowers

The finishing touches can transform an OK looking room into an amazing styled space. Bringing fresh flowers that match your design scheme and original vases or plant pots will complete the look and add a homey and welcoming living space.

Don’t forget to add accessories too, like pretty curtains – in this case they are white lace curtains to help that chic appeal seamlessly flow into the garden through those large patio doors. But there are other decorative finishes such as adding a patterned rug or mirrors with colourful frames that pop out.

What do you recommend when it comes to styling a corner sofa?

I shot all of the photos featured above at the LivingEtc House Tours


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    Ahh I’m so glad I found your blog! I love posts like these! I love that ceiling light in the first picture – it’s sooo pretty! x