How to Style Your Sofa

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Looking to style your sofa and do it well?

First thing’s first, here’s my sofa buying guide in case you need help understanding what sofa you need. Once you’ve decided on the sofa, below are super ideas on how to style your sofa and the space around it.

Choose Your Interior Design Style

Before you style your sofa think about the feel of the room that you’d like to finish with. Some interior styles that you can pick from are shabby chic, minimalistic, country or eclectic. This style can often help you decide on the textures and materials that you can choose to go with your sofa as well as the colours and patterns of the accessories with which you’re going to style your living space.


During the winter, fur throws and knitted throws can add warmth and texture to a room whereas a lightweight summer throw that’s light and bright can freshen up the lounge in the warmer months.


I love that you can update the décor of any room momentarily with cushions. Be bold and add patterns and a fun accent colour with scatter cushions on your sofa. If you don’t like it – no harm done, most cushions are affordable.

Coffee Table

A useful and stylish table in your living room can add to the style of your sofa. It adds extra interest and gives your another surface to add more living room accessories around the sofa.


Adding a soft carpet to bring together the furniture in a large space is easy with a rug. It also adds comfort under foot which makes the space homey and welcoming.


Large plants, be it fresh or fake, can add colour to the room and perhaps add contrast or compliment the style of your sofa. It breaks up the space a bit for a fresher look.


Everything can look different in a different light. Adding floor lights around the sofa will make it the place to be on a dark day (which we have many of in the UK!)

Wall Art

Putting artwork above the sofa can help make it stand out, adds to the space as well as completes the look and style of your sofa.
Also, here are my tips and recommendations if you have a particular type of sofa:

How to Style a Plain Fabric Sofa

A standard sofa is usually neutral, which means it has the most potential to style (in my opinion anyway.) So, you can choose patterns and bold colours for soft furnishings, trendy rugs and lights too. Have a think about matching your coffee table to your sofa legs for a professional interior styling look in your lounge.

How to Style a Centrepiece Sofa

pastel sofa patterns floral dots


An eye-catching, contemporary sofa, like this DFS Doll sofa that has patchwork, lots of pattern and lots of colour, should be styled with plain and un-patterned soft furnishings and doesn’t need many items around it to look good as it already looks great on its own. It can be a plain vibrant colour or something neutral. In the end however you don’t want to draw away attention from your centrepiece furniture in the lounge.

How to Style a Leather Sofa

I always find that leather furniture works well with faux fur throws and cushions. As leather is usually quite a harsh material, it can stick on the skin when you’re sitting on it for too long, plus it’s very cold when you first sit down. Soft furnishings eliminate this lack of comfort and makes it look cosy.

How to Style a Corner Sofa

Similarly to the standard plain fabric sofas, corner sofas go well with patterned and colourful soft furnishings. You can probably get away with having more scatter cushions and throws that the other sofas. A large rug can look great within the space of the corner sofa but make sure to measure it out correctly. Also, think carefully about choosing a coffee table as the corner sofa is a clever space-saving solution and might offer restrictions.

What sofa do you have and how do you style it?

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