Hymn Ideas for a Church Wedding

No matter where you are getting married there are lots of things to think about. From the dress, to the colour scheme, to the floral decorations and the seating plan. In all honesty, planning a wedding is a full time job and can be the most exciting (and potentially stressful) time of any bride-to-be’s life.

If you’re getting married in a Church you also have the task of deciding what hymns you ought to have. As if you didn’t have enough to do already!

Music is a fantastic accompaniment to any celebration, and while hymns are often associated with grand organs, they can sound just as beautiful on Yamaha pianos. This is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst those who don’t want to have all the grandeur of the traditional church wedding.

Here are the top 5 hymns to help inspire your choices:

1. All Things Bright and Beautiful Hymn

All Things Bright and Beautiful hymn church wedding ideas

A very popular choice at weddings, this hymn is upbeat and can sound fantastic on any instrument. If you are going for the traditional organ it carries well; however, it’s just as beautiful on a solo piano too. If you really want to add something a little more special to the occasion though, why not find a flutist who can accompany a piano instead?

2. Lord of the Dance Hymn (I danced in the morning)

Lord of the dance hymn church wedding

You will be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t know this song. This is one of the reasons it is so popular at Church events – the more people who recognise and know the tune, the louder you are likely to get your congregation to sing it. The one down side may be the tune’s popularity among football fans who may struggle to stick to the original lyrics!

3. Morning has Broken Hymn

Morning has broken hymn wedding blog ideas

Again, a well-known hymn that anyone who has attended a traditional school assembly is likely to have sung half a dozen times.  Any organist or pianist worth their salt will know this tune well, and this means that it can be played expertly no matter what the occasion.

4. Jerusalem Hymn

Ever watched the Rugby?  Then you will know this one – and so will your guests!  This tune is fantastic if you are having a large gathering of guests as it is meant to be sung with pride – the louder and more enthusiastic the better. Beware, if you are planning a more intimate service, this may not be the ideal hymn for your Big Day.

5. Happy Day Hymn

This gospel classic is lots of fun and will certainly get everyone tapping their toes and clapping their hands. It’s a great way to kick off the festivities and get everyone in a joyful mood.


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