Interview: Julia Kendell at The Ideal Home Show

Julia Kendell is one of the most intelligent and lovely women I’ve ever met.

I had the honour of meeting the star interior designer of DIY SOS and 60 minute makeover and all thanks to Hammonds Furniture who signed the famous stylist to showcase their new fab fitted furniture range at the Ideal home Show 2015.

Ideal Home Show 2015 at Olympia interiors

Interior Trend 1: Glamorous Sparkle

One of my friends loves, and I mean LOVES, to have a variety of clothes for every possible occasion and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that (in fact I’m a little jealous of her wardrobe!) With a great wardrobe comes great responsibility (a spiderman reference in case you didn’t recognise it lol) so that means you need a lot of space to keep it and even to show it off. With a cream surface and modern finishes this space is magnificent, the chandelier too completes the glam room perfectly.

Hammond Furniture stand at Ideal Home Show

Julia Kendell interior stylist interview at the ideal home show hammond furniture brand

Interior Trend 2: Subtle Style

I love how this bedroom has subtle wardrobes. It’s definitely a space I’d feel comfortable in living this very day. It also has lovely personal touches, like the copper accents and geometrical decorative pieces that are super contemporary. The light natural wood finish adds life and creates a relaxing atmosphere. I would easily sink into that bed after a long day at work.

luxury glam bedroom hammond ideal home show

luxury detail copper accents bedroom hammond ideal home show

glamorous lux bedroom hammond furniture ideal home show interiors style

Interior Trend 3: Bachelor Pad

There’s clearly something for everyone. Even manly faux leather furniture with a luxury high tech TV and suave decor fits in perfectly with a dark wood fitted frames. It’s clever how there’s reflective surfaces and monochrome decorative pieces make that perfect finish.

Hammonds furniture set up show stand leather chair dark furniture

Hammonds furniture set up show stand bachelor pad

Hammonds, the Fitted Furniture Company

From fitted bedrooms to sliding wardrobes and transformational storage solutions, Hammonds has it all. Many of us girls dream of a walk-in-wardrobe or a bedroom that possibly requires co-ordinated organisation that only those with OCD tendencies will appreciate… Only me? I don’t believe you! I’m sure having your shoes in a carefully skillful row will make your eyes twinkle whilst your dresses hanging in a colour-coordinated delight will brighten up the dullest of days…

To be honest, I’m not a minimalist but I truly do love a clear and tidy space. Otherwise I’d feel claustrophobic! Be it a bedroom or lounge or even an office, I always feel like my things need and deserve a rightful place and as I need to make the most of the space that I have, I believe I must utilise even the smallest of nooks or corners of my rooms. The Hammonds rooms show you how you can do exactly that.

What room is your favourite from above?

Julia Kendell’s Interior Design Experience

I managed to ask Julia a few things but at the moment I’ll only focus on how she got to where she is now. Personally, I think it’s fascinating that she ‘fell into’ interiors at the age of just 14! She said that after working at a furniture shop for quite a long time (during which she raised her status and even managed to get a flat above the showroom in her teenage years) she realised how much she loved interiors and decided to study it more in-depth. After many years of interior styling and redecorating projects she landed her place on the BBC.

In terms of designing areas, it was clear that there’s more to it than just creating a moodboard. Julia said she learnt the intricacies of room planning, especially the most difficult of all – kitchen design. Without ruining my future planned post on her favourite kitchen of all time, I can safely say that it’s an area she has great passion.

It also touched my heart to find out that Julia moved around quite a lot, living in houses that she redesigned. However, I never really realised that it also meant that most of the time she was living on a renovation site which is obviously tiring in itself. Unsurprisingly though, she said once it was finished, she was done with it and ready to move on to her next project and so she’s had enough of house hopping and finally looking for a place that’s complete and ready for her to enjoy!

I truly enjoyed our chat and getting to know Julia Kendell. So, be sure to keep an eye out on the blog as I’ll be sharing more of her interior styling tips from the interview 🙂

Thanks again Hammonds for making it all possible.

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