Kitchen Electrical Gifts to Buy on Black Friday

I love kitchen appliances and gadgets!

From soup makers to hand blenders I find it so much easier cooking and baking with some electrical tools helping me out. I’m sure you’re the same right? Who wants to spend hours churning when you can get a blender to do the hard job for you.

So, when got in touch and told me about their gifting challenge, I swiftly partnered up with Harriet from & Project to surprise each other with something special. It’s the not the first time I have something from and in fact I’ve had a couple of larger kitchen appliances from them and was always happy with the finished result. I’ll add the video reviews of those items at the bottom of this page for you to have a nosie 😉

For this particular gifting challenge however I got an awesome soup maker and I ended up making a very healthy vegetable soup. Here’s my review for it below:

Morphy Richards 501020 1.6 Litre Soup Maker –

It’s super easy to use. Press a few buttons and it’s so quick to get a really smooth soup. I enjoy chunks though, so if you’re like me there are options for a medium chunky soup and a tasty chunky soup!

I also love my items clean (despite the hard work of my husband and dog who try to keep the home in disarray) so this particular soup maker has an option for pre-cleaning which takes a few minutes. It’s so easy, just add a drop or two of fairy liquid, add water and press a button and it’s all done for you. Wow I feel lazy 😛

Anyway, I end up sitting back and relaxing to have my soup these days. I refuse to spend hours chopping veg and cooking the soup on the hob. Never again!

Visit for Black Friday deals to get yours!

The other items were a washing machine and a fridge freezer! Here are the vids:

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