Knitted Coasters Easy Pattern for Beginners

I wanted to send something to my grandmother living in Russia that I made. I also wanted something easy to do (as I only had a couple of days) and something useful. That’s how I came up with coasters and here’s what I made and how you can knit some (rather than crochet them) yourself too…

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What You Will Need

Thin lace knitting yarn of your choice

3.5mm knitting needles

Ruler or measuring tape


Knitting Pattern to Make One Coaster

Cast on 24 (or any multiple of 4)

Row 1: Knit 4, [Yarn Over, Knit 2 together, Knit 2]  the repeat the brackets until the end of the row (i.e. 5 times)

All other Rows are the same as row 1.

Continue until your work measures the same on all four sides (this will be different for each person as we all have different gauges.)

Make sets of two, four or six to show off your handy work!


Knitting Top Tips for Beginners:

Here’s how to yarn over, in case you haven’t come across it previously:

And here’s how to knit two together:

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